No such thing as Baby Cabas?

  1. I just called Saks here in Scottsdale to put my name on the list for the white baby cabas...and the SA told me that there is no such thing as a baby cabas. She said that they have a white leather cabas that is slightly smaller than the denim. Is that the same as the baby cabas??? I told her to put my name down anyways until I get this figured out...I'm so confused! :shrugs:
  2. It's a name pfers gave the smaller cabas. Some SA's seem to not "get" the correlation between small and baby. You're on the right list. Hope you get your white baby cabas!
  3. Yay thank you for clearing that up for me! :yes:
  4. Of course, you're welcome.
  5. Yes, you are on the correct list, and it's cute. It holds a ton!
  6. yeah..just TPF that refer it as baby cabas:smile:
    they recognize it as cabas w/ the quilted bottom, or the smaller cabas..