No STRIPPING part 2! ... yummy CASSIS & GRENADE !!! (18 pics)

  1. Okay ladies and gents ... these babies are just so deliscious, I'll just show you the pics!


    Ms. Epi Eugenie in Grenade:love:


    Ms. Epi Pochette Wallet in Cassis:love:

    what can I say ... I absolutely love these wallets ... can't wait for my Passy to get here! I'll post pics when I get her!

    ... more pics to come ...
    Epi wal 01.jpg Epi wal 02.jpg Epi wal 03.jpg Epi wal 04.jpg Epi wal 06.jpg
  2. WOWOOW...:wtf::drool:
  3. Oh my gosh.. you are on a roll ! They're gorgeous ! :yes:
  4. WOW! They are fantastic!
  5. OMG they are GORGEOUS so much nicer than the pics
  6. Here's some of the inside of the Eugenie ...
    Epi wal 05.jpg Epi wal 07.jpg Epi wal 08.jpg Epi wal 09.jpg Epi wal 10.jpg
  7. Ohhhhhh my.
    *the sound you just heard was my jaw hitting the floor*
  8. Gorgeous! Can we see a pic of the inside of the Pouchette Wallet....please???
  9. The grenade color is delicious!!!
  10. Inside of the pochette wallet ...
    Epi wal 11.jpg Epi wal 12.jpg Epi wal 13.jpg Epi wal 14.jpg Epi wal 15.jpg
  11. Congrats! I thought the lighter purple was Pomegrante and not Grenade....
  12. beautiful. love both! the grenade is my f:heart:v. i wish the vernis violet was that color. I want a ludlow in grenade!!!! :girlsigh:
  13. ... last ones ... I can't stop looking at these, I absolutely adore these colors ... I'm in Purple heaven!
    Wouldn't it have been great if the insdie of the Eugenie was the Cassis color?

    As always, thank you for letting me share my excitement!:ty::tpfrox:
    Epi wal 16.jpg Epi wal 17.jpg Epi wal 18.jpg
  14. I love the two toned cassis pochette wallet...Congrats on both of them!
  15. absolutely gorgeous!!