No stock for BH!!

  1. Called up both Singapore and Hong Kong stores. THe Sas said that BH is out of stock in the entire Singapore and Hong Kong!!:confused1::sad: A friend is going to Frankfurt next week. Wondering if anyone know if she might be able to get one there?
  2. Dang, thats quick!
  3. Oh No!!! It is such a great bag
  4. There are some in the LVs in the UK.... as well as on eluxury. I wonder if they ship overseas tho?
  5. wow, who would have thought the bh would go out of stock?!? hope you get your hands on one. it is a very functional bag.
  6. really?? i would have thought the hype over the azur and neverfull will somehow make the BH less popular. guess I was wrong
  7. BH is a very popular bag. I see them all the time.

    Hopefully they will get some soon, so you can have one. I love mine.
  8. I think the BH is the most frequently used bag by the HK ladies after Speedys, well, from what I've seen when I was in HK, anyway.