No special unveiling! PICS OF ACTUAL ITEMS POSTED!

  1. So, I went to the new LV in Bloomingdales in SF and bought the Pastilles charm. Then went to the other LV a few blocks away and got the new MC Pochette GM and the Groom Cles. Here are the pictures to enjoy:

  2. Very cute!
  3. MMMMMMMMMMMM I love it all!
  4. Hey Michelle, how did you like the new Bloomies?

    I love the MC Pochette, it is adorable! Did the new LV have a good selection?
  5. congrats on your new purchase. =)
  6. Gorgeous!! congrats them all...Did you get something from Tiffany too :graucho:
  7. Ooh I LOVE them!! We're cles twins now!!!!
  8. very pretty, i love that new pochette GM. Does it hold alot?
  9. Congrats - they're all so pretty ! :yes:
  10. nice choices... i especially love the mc pochette, it's adorable!!!
  11. Congrats.
  12. Cute~!
  13. Congrats- very nice... enjoy
  14. Love them all!:nuts:
  15. Do you mind if I ask how much the pochette GM cost? What can fit inside of the pochette?