No Sophie for U.S.

  1. I called a "local" (about 1 hr. away from me) boutique yesterday to ask one of the managers if she knew whether the Sophie would arrive to the U.S. sometime this year. She told me that she hadn't heard anything, but I insisted that I've heard from a few friends that they've been told that the Sophie would arrive during the summer. She sounded confused, but she took down my number and told me that she would call NY to ask if this was true.

    Today I didn't get a call back, so I called about 15 minutes ago. Well, I was told that the Sophie is NOT going to be in the United States. I was also told that the telephone operators at 866 Vuitton were confused to whether or not this was going to be released, so now they are going to be told that the Sophie will not be released to the US at all.

    I'm so disappointed because I actually saw an LE I actually liked (unlike previous LEs), but now my hopes are dashed. Oh well, I guess there'll always be another LE, right? :sad: :s
  2. Oops, I also forgot to include that it is ONLY going to be released in Japan and Hawaii...
  3. no way. a lot of the members have confirmed the sophie release in the us...

    oh no.. i REALLY REALLY wanted one too...
  4. i just called beverly center LV and they also told me that the sophie is for the japanese market. crapola.
  5. what! what!!! who was it that said the 866 operators are just confused and will be retold that sophie won't be released in US? i was definitely counting on it and this news would be sooooooo upseting if true..
  6. Please don't be disappointed yet. I have heard from knowledgable SA's that it is going to be released in the U.S. I don't think the communication at LV is so great. And I have had some nightmares with the 866 #,
  7. Oh, I've lost hope. This was coming from a manager who contacted knowledgeable sources at NY, not an SA or an operator from 866 Vuitton. :push:
  8. So like LV....:rolleyes:
  9. Hmm..I was told that Sophie is only for Japan and Hawaii Market only but I was also told it will be available in the Summer.

    Are there some pieces in Hawaii left?
  10. Well, you never know. Someone posted in another Sophie thread that not only are we supposed to get Sophie-but also a black and white version! Maybe this means we'll get something along the lines of the one we're seeing now.
  11. I can just picture the ticket counters of Hawaiian Airlines flocked with tPFers on their way to get a Sophie...
  12. ^haha, if there's any left. I know waitlists here were looongg.
  13. Not surprised...I'd heard the same...gonna have to look for other venues...personnally not big on the LE's either. But this one is Sweet, it's a great little piece and I'd love to get my hands on it...LOL, good luck to all of us...
  14. If you are able to get to Hawaii you should give the wait list a try. I had a friend call on 12/23 and got a call back on 12/24. I put my name on three different lists and got call back from 2 stores (but I only picked up one).

    Good luck!
  15. my SA said that the Sophie was NOT going to be released here in the US and that Hawaii only got it because they used to be a part of the Japan system (for recieving leather goods) or something like that. However the call centers (866) number were telling people that it was going to be released here...