No Soho Braided Tote for Me?

  1. :crybaby: I just called the outlet I was planning to go to tomorrow and they don't have anymore of the Soho braided tobacco tote that I wanted so badly. I am so bummed. I really wanted it and I have been saving my money especially for it. Sigh. I hate to resort to eBay because the prices are higher than the outlet. I also didn't really want to buy through eBay beacuse I wanted to partially pay with a gift card and I can't use it on eBay. Any suggestions?
  2. is there more than one outlet in your area? keep trying, because they get returns and transfers all the time!
  3. There is only one near me in Georgia where I go to school). There is one in Tennessee (home) but I won't be going backfor a few more weeks and I'm afraid there won't be any left then.
  4. dont outlets get shipments of stuff in periodically? try calling back in a week...also if one of your family members can get to the outlet in TN you can paypal or transfer the money through your bank...dont give up just yet!
  5. I'm hoping they will get more. I REALLY want this bag.
  6. I would check back throughout the weekend. I have seen stuff appear that hadn't been there a day earlier. So you might get lucky!
  7. Can/will the outlets do a search of other outlets for a certain item?
  8. not to sound stupid ,but do you want the tall one or the short mia sachel? cuz I bought the mia satchel today here and there is still another, maybe they will transfer for you? If you have a coach gift card I can not see why you could not pay your store and get it transfered????
  9. Either of the tall totes is fine with me (10049 or 10050). I want tobacco because I have a white braided hobo and even though I absolutely love it, I want a brown tote. Dawsonville had a white one but no brown. Its actually an American Express gift card which can be used anywhere where American Express is accepted, but I can't use it online. I have been saving it for that special Coach since Christmas. I know it sounds kind of stupid, but I get in trouble for shopping too much (especially Coach) and using the gift card makes it seem "ok".
  10. I am so obssessed with this tote I can't focus on anything else. I didn't even get excited over the new catalog when I saw it.
  11. i have this bag! i have the large whiskey one, but i dont love it. it is beautiful, but it is sooo heavy!
  12. so dawsonville still has that white one that i put on hold? dang...i want it now!

    i'll keep my eye out next time i'm up there and let you know if there happens to be another one!
  13. Call the Fremont ind. store 260 833 1327 is the number. I was there about an hour ago and there was a short mia. mine with tax was 222.59 . Ask them if you go to your local outlet and pay for it will they send? They were going to do that for me if I could've found a pink stiched flap (they could not find one) for me last week. you can at least try!!! ohhhh just looked to make sure, the # is 10048.
  14. LUCKY! It may be one of the happiest days of my life when I find one. I'm used to lugging books around, so heavy doesn't bother me, but if I never find one I will tell myself that it is too heavy anyway so that I don't cry.
  15. I know kallison! I didn't rush up there because I thought they would still have them. Now I want to kick myself. :push: Makes me so mad! I'm going to call on Monday to check back and go after my test that morning if they got one in. Everyone cross their fingers!