No sleeper a big no no?

  1. Hi everyone. I came upon this website while searching for an answer to my sleeper question. Love some of the stuff I see here and am looking forward to contributing.

    So here's my dilemma. I have a small collection of bags (15-20) that I use to keep in their respective sleepers and then shuffled them away. I ended up not using most of them because I forget they're there or can't be bothered to unstuff and remove them from their sleeper.

    I just moved into a new place with closet space containing shelves to line up my entire bag collection. I've removed all the bags from their sleepers and must say they look really purdy all line up. Even my hubby said 'hey, it looks like a boutique in there'. However, I'm worry that the bags will get dusty and deteriote faster, even though they're behind closed doors. Am I being overly protective of them or does keeping in their sleepers significant increase their 'shelf life'. They're in immaculate condition right now since they've been well protected (and many have never been used!) and I'd like to keep them that way. What do you think? Is no sleeper a big no no?
  2. I don't think 'no sleeper' is a big no-no, but if you don't keep them in their dustbag, you won't be able to say they are in immaculate condition a year or even six months from now. Behind closed doors doesn't keep the dust off. I swear, no matter how much I clean, there is a still a light coating of dust everywhere within a week. And let's not forget about cobwebs and little tiny spiders that create webs in closets... that sort of thing.

    Yes, use your sleepers (dustbags).
  3. Hi there. I wouldn't even consider NOT storing my bags without a dustcover. Just keep a list on the side of the box, maybe with even a picture of the bag so you know what's in there. All of my bags are in perfect condition. I think the air would be bad for the leather and dry it out as well.
    Just my two cents....:okay:
  4. I use the sleepers always! I have a cedar lined closet, I live in the country, very remote, have my housekeeper clean my house top to bottom every week and I still find dust in the closet! If my bags were not in sleepers the zippers and the stitching would get dust in them and they would look worn. The sleeprs don't look as good as the bags all lined up but they save your bag!

    I'm very fussy about my collection and even the older bags(2 yrs) look like new!

    I vote for the sleeper/dust bag.
  5. I have all my bags out on a bookcase display and I leave most in their sleepers, but the ones in "current rotation" I leave out. When I feel like switching, I'll put a couple to sleep and bring the new lineup out of their slumber. You could always leave the ones you use the most out as your display.
  6. Great question! I use sleeper bags on some of my bags, but not all. :shame:
  7. I have an extra little closet with glass doors for my bags so that I can see them and they don't get dusty at all because they're protected through the glass doors but it's more like a display case rather than a closet. May be it's different in a closet but I doubt it. IMO if you check them weekly you should be ok.
  8. As pretty as displaying them is...I think it's really best to keep your bags in the sleeper for their own good. Even in just a few days, dust starts accumulating on bags and that's just not good for them, especially if you want to keep them in immaculate condition. I keep all my bags in sleepers except for the one I'm using.
  9. I am obsessed with dustbags! I actually won't buy any bags that don't come with them any more! Then again, I'm very OCD about my purses!
  10. I also store all my bags in their dustbags, except for the one or at maximum two that I am currently using. Better to be safe than to be sorry, at least when it comes to handbags...
  11. I always use the dustbags and keep the bags lined up in the closet in their bags. I am incredibly anal about my bags and would be devastated if they deteriorated or started to look worn. That said, I have bags that are five years old that look immacultely new. I think you should keep them in their dustbags.