No Sleep For Me Tonight REVEAL!!!!

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  1. Pictures of my first Balenciaga....09 Galet RH City! I am totally and completely in love!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is truly everything I dreamed of and more :smile: Barney's really came through for me...I was prepared for the worst but everything came up roses or should I say GALET!!!!:yahoo::yahoo:

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  2. Soooooooo pretty! Don't you just love galet!!
  3. Beautiful! Many congrats!
  4. love it! it's gorgeous!!
  5. gorgeous! simply gorgeous.
  6. :heart: Galet. Congrats!
  7. Gorgeous. Congrats, you lucky girl!
  8. so pretty, great purchase!
  9. Gorgeous! I can never get enough of galet pictures :smile:
  10. Gorgeous! I love shopping at Barneys. I missed the boat on Galet and am searching for a giant silver something in this color. Congrats!
  11. Your galet city is absolutely gorgeous, definitely worth losing sleep over. Congrats!
  12. Oh wow, I'm so loving Galet and with RH it rocks.
    Many congrats on this beauty and enjoy it!



  13. Galet is one of the few colors I love the most in the recent years. It is unique also wearable. Congratulation!
  14. WOW, your Galet is perfect!
  15. Whoa your galet almost looks silver/shimmering ish lol. It is soo pretty!! It is defintely worth losing some sleep ;)