No Single Supplement

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  1. I often travel solo and am planning my winter 2008 holiday and would like to go somewhere (Caribbean or Mexico, etc.) and am hoping to find a place with no single supplement as solo travellers get hit so hard.

    I would prefer an all inclusive. Any suggestions?
  2. Am I really the only person on this forum who travels solo?
  3. Absolutely not. I often travel solo when I am not traveling for business, but I just cannot think of a resort without a single supplement. I know there are some tour companies that offer roommate matching, but that doesn't sound like that's what you're looking for.

    I will think about it some more (I own a travel business) and if I come up with any ideas, I'll post. You want a resort in Mexico or the Caribbean, correct?
  4. I agree with the other responser when it comes to no sinlge supplement at an all inclusive. I do recommend the all inclusives in Cozumel in November. The prices are great and the places are not crowded. I have been a big fan of the Ibeorstar in Cozumel and on the main land.

    PS: Scuba diving is extra at these places.
  5. traveling single was something i thought about but never pursued when i was younger.. now that i'm older & actually might be able to afford it, i may have to since my DH works so much.

    what's a "single supplement?"
  6. I have traveled single to Dominican Republican and Cancun. The price for traveling single was not that bad. 6 days for about $800 with airfare at an all inclusive.
    Yes it would have been cheaper for 2 for 8 days, 7 nights, but I thought the price was good.
    I used Travelocity for Cancun and booked DR through United Vacations.
  7. I think I will just take a last minute sell off and get a good price that way.
  8. I'm curious as well?
  9. Most tour companies and vacation packagers quote prices based on double occupancy. The "single supplement" is the additional fee charged when a person travels alone. Sometimes the single supplement can be very high and make it difficult for solo travelers to afford trips they'd like to make.

    Before you crucify travel companies for "ripping off" people (which I've seen on other sites), please understand that we are at the mercy of the hotels and what they charge. Things like a meal are fixed costs and don't change no matter how many people are traveling together, but a hotel room costs what it costs whether there are one or two people in it, which is why a single person pays more.

    There are some companies that offer roommate matching, to save people the supplement (I do this for my tours), but I've only seen this with tour companies. I've never seen a resort offer roommate matching.
  10. ^^^^
    I understand now, thanks much for the explaination. ;)