No show package from Tiffany....

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  1. I went into Tiffany's on October 7th. I purchased the Tiffany lock triple bangle set. The only one they had left in the store was the display which was tarnished, so the SA said they would send me one at no additional charge. My receipt said that the package is estimated to deliver on 10/13. It never arrived.

    Finally on Monday I called, and they said it was delivered and signed by someone named Mary Sullivan. That's obviously not me. So the Tiffany rep on the phone said that they would contact UPS to start an investigation that could take 18 business days! :Push: I'm seriously PO'd and tempted to just return it when it finally arrives.
  2. OMG - that's terrible!!!!! May the fleas of a thousand camels infect Mary Sullivan's armpits.

    Hope it all works out for you Allison. Good luck.
  3. LOL let's hope Mary Sullivan doesn't believe in shaving.

  4. LOL! :lol:

    I agree, I'm sure the matter will be resolved and you'll get your bangle set soon, Allison. :yes:
  5. Keep us updated Allison!
  6. Isn't this crazy tnat basically anybody can sign for a package that was intended to you?! This makes me go frenzy every time I'm expecting a package from somewhere...
  7. well I found out who Mary Sullivan is. My neighbors teenage daughter, who signed for it, opened it, and was wearing it.
  8. What! At first, I thought it was good that she signed for it. Then I read she was wearing it! Awful
  9. That's horrible! Did she pay you back for the bracelet?
  10. What the??? I would be having a very serious talk with my neighbor!
  11. :roflmfao: :roflmfao:

    I can't believe your neighbours daughter is wearing your bracelet!!!! That's so wrong!
  12. well the mother noticed her daughter wearing it, and the box in the trash with my name on it and brought it to me. I know now to check there first if I have a missing package.
  13. OMG What a rotten little :cursing: !!
  14. Oh my gosh, are you serious!? Whta did the mom tell you? You better tell her to pay you or something! That is just wrong!
  15. Mail tampering is a Federal offense...IMO someone should seriously enlighten your young neighbor-I would also follow this up with the Postmaster in your town-was it given to (the girl) by a carrier, or did she see it in your mail box? Honestly, even around here, with break-ins constantly, people stay away from the mail, for a very good reason-hope this works out.