No Shopping for a Year


Apr 13, 2006
Back in September, I told myself: one pair of j brand jeans when I felt I could carry them off. Other than that, only necessities until next march.

Then, oops, the j brands would look so cute with short sheepskin boots, and don't I need warm, healthy (sheepskin is good achey feet and moisterizing and antiseptic - I think) boots/slippers for indoor wear? so, those got added in. And of course, my basic black cashmere sweater got torn, and my basic gray is falling apart, and so now I've bought another black cashmere sweater that has turned out a mistake (so that's getting stitched up and given away) and my mother has treated me to some sweaters from BR and Filene's.

And a new pair of pants for work because I can't wear heels with my twisted ankle, and in fact have to wear MBTs mostly, so no skirt suits and so pants are important!

And I can't take the cold anymore (hey, my ancestors are from the desert), so a down coat from bluefly was in order.

But I needed all that, right? :smile:


Oct 20, 2006
I tried to give up all shopping online for Lent last year. I was doing really well until I got back from a trip to LA and wanted to buy some CDs that my friends had turned me onto during my trip. Without even thinking, I hopped online and purchased them. It wasn't until I was telling a friend about it later that I realized what I'd done. After that it was all downhill. I made it a couple of weeks, but it was really tough.


King Louis' Mistress
Aug 8, 2006
I had a full closet at home that included at least six pairs of jeans.

:whistle: :lol:

I could see myself doing that. My shopping cuts down considerably when classes are on, and if you took away my internet connection (now _there's_ a challenge), I wouldn't have a means.

This term, I haven't bought much at all. This is going to sound silly, but it's a tiny bit of shock to look at your closet and find it looking exactly the same as it did three months ago.


Apr 9, 2006
Wow. The amazing thing for me is now that I keep track of what I buy I've noticed that while it seems like I bought my last item of clothing weeks ago it was really only days ago. There is something to be said for rediscovering items in your own closet.