No Shipping & No Tax????

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  1. A while back someone mentioned that their SA from Neiman Marcus, I think, was able to send them something without paying shipping or tax. Anyone remember?? Thanks
  2. If you don't have NM or Bergdorf in your state than you won't have to pay tax. Shipping seems to depend on the SA, but many NM always have free ship codes floating around so I would think that you could likely use one over the phone on $150+...
  3. Call Charlie at NM in LAS VEGAS...he can ship it as a gift and not charge tax!
  4. -Ted at NM Las vegas 1702-731-3636
    tell him maria sent you :biggrin:
  5. I did my 1st order from Bloomies - NYC and it's tax free & free shipping

    I reccomend Nel from Bloomies - NYC, he's best :heart: :heart:
  6. I ordered something from Saks in NYC and the SA was able to send it to me without tax but i just paid $13 shipping which isn't bad.