No shipping from outlets!? What to do?

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  1. Well, I just found out that the out of state outlet that has my beloved Amanda Python Wristlet but they will not ship :cry:to me!

    My outlet (Cypress, TX) does not carry this item.

    Has anyone found a solution to this dilemma?
  2. It's always sad when you find an item you want but the outlet will not ship it and your outlet does not have it. I have the same problem. I have decided that I will have to get the item I want from 'the bay.'
  3. you can try going to your local outlet and and place a charge send... That what I usually do at my Local outlet.. They will charge my credit card and get it item from another outlet
  4. Go into your outlet and ask them if they have it (give them the style #). If they don't have it you can ask them to check other outlets (maybe even give them the Name/# of the outlet you found it) and ask if they can transfer it to the Cypress outlet so you can buy it there.
  5. AFAIK outlets are NOT allowed to transfer items from outlet to outlet.
  6. I actually had this problem due to Cypress. They had the last of a certain purse and were not willing to charge send. You may want to make sure Cypress is willing to do the paperwork for a charge send - I mean if you find an outlet that has what you want and is willing to send it, will Cypress let you come in to pay and do the paperwork? Often outlets that don't send items won't let you get items either. So it is good to check that first.

    Good luck!
  7. That's strange b/c an SA told me they prefer to do that over doing charge/sends direct to customer just last Thursday. She said they do that b/c it saves them shipping costs. It might depend on the outlet? :confused1:
  8. Interesting......Well, I called around and none of the outlets I've spoken with are willing to send to me or to the Cypress outlet.

    The wristlet I want is on ebay for $40.00 more than the outlet price. Sucks for me!

    Thanks for you input!
  9. Ok, well for my district area they are not allowed to do outlet to outlet transfers, and they have ceased assisting with any type of charge sends (either sender or receiver) but they DO assist with shipping it to your house if you are not in your local area for 10$ per whatever fits in a box.
  10. Does anyone have a list of outlets and phone numbers that still do phone orders and will send to your home? That could be very useful. I am dying for a Coach Leigh now in siggy with black trim. I change my mind like the wind blows. LOL. I still want that Rosegold cricket too. For shame.
  11. I've had outlets do it for me before... I fill out the charge send and give them my cc at my outlet and the item ships from the other outlet to my house.

    I've done it twice... they don't LIKE to, but they will :P
  12. A charge send is different from transfering from store to store. In my district, they are not allowed to do transfers, but they will do charge sends within the district.

    Also, they are NOT supposed to look into what other store's have in their inventory. It isn't updated enough to be accurate throughout the day.

    As far as OP is concerned, I don't see why they wouldn't do a charge send as long as it's within the same district.
  13. True.... I went back and read through some threads... I didn't understand what OP was asking at first.

    I know charge sends are supposed to only be in the same district, but I had a bag sent from Vegas, and I live in NY, so I think it depends on who you talk to...
  14. Holy crap. They sent an outlet bag from Vegas to NY for you? Ive never heard of that before. Can anyone call an outlet in Vegas and get that done too??? Do you get outlet price even if its in the 50% off area?
  15. I've never had any luck with charge sends..good luck OP!