No sales tax at Saks in PA?

  1. I once tried to order a LV bag from 1866 and was transfered to Saks in PA. I got the bag from Saks in a few days and noticed there was no sales tax charged.

    My question is that do you think the SA at Saks forgot to charge me the tax or they just don't have sales tax there even for Californian custmers ordering over phone?:shame:

    I am asking because I am trying to see if there is a way for me to avoid paying tax on LV items in the future. Eluxury does charge tax for CA custmers.:crybaby:
  2. what...I SO NEED THE ANSWER!!!
  3. Hmm well when I was at the LV in Macys NYC this weekend, I found out they will ship out of state and not charge tax. So maybe it was a similar situation?
  4. Really? So there is hope for us in CA?:nuts:
  5. Yeah it is worth a call to the store! A woman at the Macys wanted to have it shipped to NJ and she told me she doesn't get charged sales tax. I was shocked!! The SA said she didn't really know why they don't charge sales tax out of state, but they don't!
  6. there are some fuuny things about this some companys dont charge tax when shipping out of state. also typically the law is if you are in that state and want the item shipped home they charge the tax of whichever state the store is in, but if you are having it shipped to you they are supposed to use the state tax of the billing address. fyi for ca its 7.75
  7. I forgot to mention that I did order before and they charged me 8.25% CA tax.

    Use Natalie in LV..SHE IS AWESOME!
    They charge NO TAX when shipping to my state in NJ!!!
  9. My LV Saks in Chicago doesn't charge me tax to ship to IN, but both 866 & the regular LV store in Chicago do.
  10. Wow, so you know that all the time? :love: Thanks for verifying this for me. Yay, I guess I could use them next time. The sales lady who helped me was Jane. She is nice too.:wlae: :wlae:
  11. Jill and Twiggers, is there sales tax in NJ or IN if you buy locally?
  12. Lady: There is an LV store in if I went there I would pay 6% tax that Indiana charges for all purchases.
    When I buy from Saks they said there is no LV in my state (even though there is a boutique...but not a Saks LV boutique) and they don't charge tax.
    I order something from 866 and I got charged the 6% and when I buy from the Michigan Avenue LV store in Chicago they charge me tax (even if I request shipping).
    So my new lesson is to only order from the Saks.
    I would definetly keep using that store in PA and save the almost 8% CA charges for sales tax.
  13. FYI, If you can have the sa order anything for you from a saks store charge and ship it instead of taking home today they won't charge you any sales tax.:yes: :yes: :yes: :yes:
  14. Thank you so much for the clarification. That's what I will do in the future. :yahoo:
  15. Sales tax in CA varies.