No Rose Gold Hardware with Olive!

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  1. My SA at BalLV just emailed me with some bad news:

    "Unfortunately, none of Balenciaga US boutiques are getting the Rose gold hardware in Olive color....We are only getting Black, Canard and Moutard with rose gold hardware...."

    What a shame! I really want Olive with RGH...what are your strategies to get the bag?

  2. You could try one of the European stores? Am sure Bal Paris will have it.
  3. awwww....

    did they say when they will get the rose gold? no outremer with rose gold?!?!
  4. I really want to see more the pics of RGHW:smile:
  5. Barneys ordered it. My s/a emailed me yesterday with the info!

    She also noted that Barneys did not order any silver HW this season or the color Sang. Honestly, the buyer for Barneys has no idea what customers want; this is the second season she ordered covered HW, no silver, and limited colors/styles.
  6. Roey- did she/he say when they expect them to come in? On a diff note, I heard that Outremer is not coming w/ RG?

  7. I totally agree that the buyer for Barneys has no idea what customers want. Who is this person and why are they so clueless? I feel bad for my SA's there as everytime I ask them about a bag, they tell me they are not getting it in the color/hardware combo that I want. I'm sure they would rather make a sale than have to tell me that.
  8. My s/a sent me her name last year but I no longer have the email. I used the exact word "clueless" when describing her to my s/a. I'm so annoyed because I have a gift card to spend at Barneys and would like to put it toward a new bag, and now there's nothing I want.

    Here's the partial list of what my Barneys s/a sent:

    Velo Classic Hardware: Black, Cyclade, Sahara

    Day Classic: Royal, Cyclade, Sahara

    Sunday Tote Classic: Marine & Black, Beige & Marine, Beige & Black

    Weekender Classic: Royal, Sahara, Black

    We have ordered the rose gold hardware in:
    – city, day, and town in black, mustard and olive.
  9. No definite timeframes but Barneys is slow to receive new colors and styles in comparison to the other department stores like NM and Saks.
  10. well if your SA only mentioned the boutiques then i guess you should be able to get it at the dept stores? maybe Saks, NM, Nordstroms?
  11. No SGH?? I say they should get TPF-ers to be buyers for them :whistle:
  12. I agree that the Barney's buyer is for the birds! Some of the stuff they order is just so awful. Who would buy more stock of CGH than SGH?
  13. Thanks for the info Roey!
  14. does anyone know what i looks like?
  15. Nordstroms ordered rggh in olive, black and sahara for city and town only.