no rolando for spring :(

  1. i emailed the stores that appear on their website asking them if they knew what colors the rolandos would be made in for this upcoming season and was told they wont be made anymore ? anyone heard about you know if it the rolande will be produced in any colors?:shame:
  2. What?! This can't be true can it? I purposely passed on a black pair about a month ago thinking that some new spring colors would spice up my mini collection... does anyone have any info on this?
  3. say it isnt sooo! I sooo want a rolando now!!!!
  4. oh no!
  5. Ever Again?!
  6. I guess they wont be classics....
  7. Ohh, I'm so happy I just got a pair of Rolando's in black today.:cutesy:
  8. Modeling pics! ... :search:
  9. I looked at NM & Saks lookbooks today and didnt see any.
  10. I bought them today. Arriving on Monday.:yes:
  11. Oh okay... Sorry, got all excited... :graucho:
  12. Holy crap. I guess that I missed my chance. That's what I get for waiting too long. But I love the Rolando and Rolande. I'm going to officially become an eBay stalker to get myself a pair now.
  13. Ack, I'm sorry to hear that. Glad I got a pair in the EB off eBay today though :smile:
  14. I hope hope hope that it is just for spring. :crybaby:That shoe is just too amazing to be discontinued, I mean, what would the logic be?
  15. Oh poo!!! I wanted a par of rolandos...maybe we can still special order??