No Reveals...Just a Picture

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  1. Well after a long search for a pencil case... I found one.
    It's a replacement pouchette for the bucket in Damier.

    View attachment 96350
    It fits all my stuff perfectly.
    Also in the picture are:
    Groom Cles
    Damier Cles
    Monogram Checkbook Cover
    Damier Business Card Holder
    Damier Small Agenda with LV Inserts

    Missing: Monogram Glace Force Cuff

    Thanks guys for all your help thinking of ideas and stuff...
    This is my first picture so sorry if its not great looking.

    Have a Happy Thanksgiving,
  2. Ooo yay, I've been wanting to see the size of this! Can't wait to see the picture! :yes:
  3. It's up guys!! Thanks for your patience.. Tomorrow I will post more in-depth pictures!!
  4. I don´t see a pic :sad:
  5. If you click this attachment, does anything pop up?


    If not, I give up. Sorry guys... I thought this would work!
  6. Yay now it shows! Great pieces!
  7. fab! i have the same thing! I call it the mini-pochette.. lol. it's not really though.. lol. loves it!
  8. Great collection you have going on!
  9. cute!
  10. Wow, you do have nice stuff. And the picture looks great!:biggrin:
  11. wow congrats!!! lovely pieces :smile:
  12. Very nice collection!
  13. Thanks Everyone!
    I'd been looking so long and finally found one! It was a reasonable price too!
    Hope ya'll have a Happy Thanksgiving!

  14. Very nice ! Congrats :biggrin:
  15. Congrats to you!!