No returns on expensive item?

  1. I bought a denim jacket enhanced with lace and little crystal studs for quite a bit of money ($300+) and now I noticed that the lace is coming apart at the top of the jacket after 5 wears...

    I returned to the shop and the lady there didn't take it back. Instead, she gave me the designer's number for me to call her. I did and I'm supposed to meet the designer this weekend to have it fixed.

    Am I overreacting because I'm pissed and I'd rather have a return than a fix-it? This jacket was expensive for me and I don't think I'll wear it with pleasure even after it is fixed.
  2. Was it a major store or a small boutique? I don't live in a city so do much of my shopping at little (and very expensive!) boutiques in a touristy lakes area. A few of those stores work with designers on consignment and I have been told "no returns" but if a problem, they will put me in touch with the "artist." This sounds like your situation? (I'd never heard of a store doing this until I moved to this area.)

    I just bought my daughter a beautiful studded jeans jacket at Nordies and it was over $150 -- Nordies told me it's guaranteed for life and if one single little stud comes off, the company it came from will FIX it. However, I'm sure if we had trouble while it was still new, Nordies would exchange or return it...
  3. I wouldn't expect any store to take it back after that amount of time. That is up to the designer after that amount of time has passed. Sorry.
  4. How long ago did you purchase this? If is was within a month I find this hard to believe. Even botiques I purchase from have a seamstress or tailor they use and repairs have been done without question.
  5. What time are you talking about?
    I bought it last week, actually and wore it that many times because I love the jacket (hence why I bought it). She also mentionned it's not the first time they had issues with that designer (something she refrained from mentionning before) It's a small boutique, but come on... :mad:
  6. Sorry to hear this...:sad:
    I completely understand,be sure to take the chance to meet the designer and complain with him at least!!:rant:
  7. I used to work for a small boutique and we wouldn't accept returns after 24 hours. But we had a seamstress on site who would repair any minor damage to an item and if the damage were more than minor, we would contact the vendor and get the item replaced. Boutiques don't turn much of a profit on each item because they can't buy in bulk, so returns of unsaleable clothing really do hurt the store. But I would think that she would offer to facilitate the repair for you at least, it's the least she can do!
  8. Call your credit card. If you didn't use one, I don't know.
  9. Don't make me come back down there with my can of whoop-ass and a cricket bat.......
  10. Sorry you didn't say you bought it last week that I saw kfor some reason I thought I read years. But a lot of Boutiques and even stores like Prada don't issue refunds only store credit. I know it sucks.
  11. I've noticed a lot of high end boutiques are like this! One near me, my favorite, has a THREE DAY return/exchange policy, which I think is ridiculous. But I guess these places are generally family owned and operated, they can't afford to cut customers a break the way corporations do.
  12. You are hilarious :roflmfao: Made my day.

    Re jacket: I understand the dynamics behind not accepting a refund... Okay, I do :heart: this jacket, so I'd settle for a GOOD repair. But why do I have to bust my ass to contact the designer and such? That's a nuisance. :mad:
  13. Some stores operate this way. My mom hates it and always tells me only to go to a store where you can get your refund if you need it. But I shop at some boutiques that only give you store credit etc. I hate it, but it happens. You are lucky that you get to meet the designer, but I completely understand why you are mad!! I would be too

  14. I understand where you're coming from. I would be a lil annoyed too. I expect the boutique to contact the designer themselves and arrange for the repair to be made.
  15. What a pain in the:censor: - I totally sympathize - I hate being inconvenienced like that after I've spent good money.