No return or exchange.

  1. Even if the seller stated that in their listing, under what circumstances can you still return the item?

  2. I think the answer should be "none." Unless it is significantly not as described. As a seller, I hate it when I suspect buyer's remorse. I sell items on eBay because I need the money, or because I plan to reinvest in a new item that I usually already have my eye on. It is very upsetting to make a sale and then have someone change their mind.

    If a buyer simply does not like the item, he or she should resell it on eBay.
  3. If it says that, then there is no option to return or exchange IMO. When you see that, you should really be thinking about if that item is for you because you know you won't be able to go back to the seller with the item.
  4. I bought a jacket, the seller said it's 100% wool but it's not, it's only 80%.
  5. I agree with Rondafaye & Elongreach. I sell items on eBay and i do not allow returns or exchanges. In my listing I make sure i take the best pictures of the item and encourage potential buyers to ask questions. The key is to ask as many questions as possible. If you get the item and its not to your satisfaction then you can either give it away or try to sell it on ebay.
  6. Okay, i see. Then IMO that is false description of an item.:shame:
  7. Hi
    My view would be that, whilst I understand your frustration at the inaccuracy of the listing, you wouldn't really have any grounds to insist on returning it, by claiming that the item is 'significantly not as described'. You could always leave feedback to alert other buyers, but in fairness to the seller, it is also an easy mistake to me. Perhaps a case here of 'cock up, not conspiracy'? Having said that a good seller would admit to making a mistake and would perhaps in this case agree a refund.
  8. If it was disclosed as being 100% wool, and the label clearly states its not then you should be allowed to return it or file a claim. Thats a careless mistake in my opinion and shouldnt have happened. I would contact the seller first, chances are she will be embaressed and offer some sort of restitution or something. See what happens.
  9. you would have to ask the seller. i have a no returns policy but some people who ask ahead of time i will allow it. usually they do get returned but i was prepared for it. this happened to me twice lately- recently someone bought a hat and asked if she could return it if it was too small. she was sweet as pie so i agreed. it didnt fit, she returned it and it just resold- albiet for less than she paid. but i got my fees back so it was fine.

    someone asked today as well if she could return something and since she asked i agreed. but no return on shipping. that's definate.

    but in your case that's not as described so email the seller and if they're not responsive file a pp claim.
  10. Contact the seller and tell them that the jacket is not as described. Tell them you'd like to send it back and get your money back. If the seller tells you to go pound sand, or doesn't reply at all, file a SNAD (significantly not as described) claim: Item Not Received or Significantly Not as Described Process. I would give the seller 24 hours to respond before filing the claim. The claim can always be closed if the seller decides to cooperate. Good luck.
  11. I would say the item is "significantly not as described" and under the curcumstances qualifies for a return. I'd nicely contact the seller first and then, if you hopefully paid with a credit card, notify your credit card company if she refuses to take it back. Your case does not seem to be one of "buyer's remorse" which, understandably would upset a seller.
  12. I don't agree with NO returns. Buyers need to read descriptions and the seller's TOS. I had an item up on ebay and it didn't get any bids. So I sold it off of ebay because a buyer kept saying how much they wanted the item. Now the buyr has turned around and says it is not how I described it?? I am refusing the refund. This is clearly a case of buyers remorse because I include tons of pictures and even show modeling pictures. It is not my fault the person does not know their size. They said the item did not fit them liek they thought it would?!?I am now thinking about only using bidpay for such transactions.
  13. I think it was most likely an honest mistake. I recently purchased a coat from BR thinking it was just wool and when I checked the label it was 80% wool. I really liked the coat so the fact it was only 80% wool seemed irrelevant and I kept it all the same.
    I'm sure the seller thinks you probably just don't like the coat.
  14. if i write that, i mean that. the items i sell are always authentic, so the authenticity issue is out. and if im using that money to pay the bills, its not getting refunded. dun.
  15. I wouldn't say this is "significantly" not as described? It's not as described, yes, but significantly? I would ask for a full refund first and if that doesn't work maybe ask for a partial. If the seller is reasonable, she may agree because it is her mistake. But I don't think you will win a paypal claim with this...