no restriction offer at Bloomingdale's!!!

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  1. (nfo from Bloomingdale's Sale Associate)

    Bloomingdale's will be holding their Private Sale event on Tuesday June 13th. No brand restriction. If you pre-sale the item(s), you don't need to present any coupon whatsoever.

    For every $100 spent, $25 is taken off (up to $100 discount). For every $100 spent, a $15 gift card is given (no limit). These offers are stackable.

    Bloomies SAs will ship items.
  2. Will sunglasses go on sale?
  3. i just got this in the mail!!! i love bloomies private sales :biggrin:
  4. this include handbags as well?
  5. how do you get into the private sale? or you just need to own a bloomindales credit card?
  6. I think anyone can be in the private sale... They usually send out emails to notify u about private sale...
    It's like a sale under the radar... IMO
  7. No, Im pretty sure you must have a bloomingdales credit card to get the coupons in the mail BUT if you get them by other means, i dont think the SA's would care.
  8. Wait, I thought this posted deal requires no coupons?
  9. Does this private sale include Chanel, Marc Jacobs, Fendi, Chloe, Louis Vuitton, etc.? I really hope so!!
  10. Oh, I was dumb and thought it was $25 off for every $100. So, like, if you buy $300, you get $75 off. Not so. LOL. I was so dreaming.
  11. Ladies, you must be so excited that you didn't read the post carefully? =)

    If you do pre-sale before the event date, you don't need to present anything (ie. coupon, code, invitation, bloomies CC, etc). YES, $25 is taken off for every $100 spent (OFFER#1) -- the maximum allowed discount is $100 which means $400-$1000 will save you the same amount ($100). On top of this offer, a gift card is issued for 15% of your total purchase (OFFER#2). These offers are stackable (ie. can be used together). My local store doesn't have any brand restriction -- Marc Jacobs, Fendi, Ferragamo, and so on are ALL included.

    PRE-SALE: Sale Associate takes your payment info (credit card #) and reserves (sets aside) the item(s) for you. On the event day, SA rings up your purchase. You can pick up your stuffs yourself or have them sent to you on/after the event day.

    Start shopping before the event date, otherwise, there will be requirements.

    Other Bloomies might have more restrictions, I suggest calling yours to find out.

  12. GRRRR. I'm getting differing information from SAs. One SA told me it's just $25 off per at-least-$100 item. So, if you buy a $400 bag, you get $25 off. If you buy a $100 bag, you get $25.

    But another SA told me if I buy a $300 item, I get $75 off. WHICH IS IT??? This is so frustrating, LOL.

    Can anyone PLEASE scan the flier they got about this?
  13. they are often tricky and uninformed. every single time i have shopped at bloomies, it is 25 dollars off every 100. last time, i was about to buy only a theory sweater for 278 but the SA told me to find a cheapy tee for 22 dollars so she could give me another 25 off.

    Usually, ask every SA you see and then the one that will give you the best deal ( a lot of the time they enter the 25 off manually - ive watched them do it many times (ie. taking 75 off a 300 purchase))

    have fun cause i know i will!
  14. ^ that's correct. Everytime I've taken advantage of the "private sale" it's always been $25 per $100 spent.

    After all your purchases, you can take all your receipts to a counter and they'll tally the amount spent and give you a $15 certificate for every $100 you racked up. The only thing with the certificate is that when you spend them you have to spend at least $75.

    I don't remember ever taking advantage of the certificates BUT the $25 off per $100 I've totally taken advantage of.
  15. ^ Ah, nuts. I can't find an SA to give me the deal on accessories. If anyone finds an SA who gives the "good" version of the deal on sunglasses, please let me know!