no response from seller

  1. Yesterday I purchased some CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN boots (well my bf did) but i used my eBay account. The listing said immediate payment required, and I paid and left a message asking when the boots will be shipped. I still have not gotten a response:confused1: Other sellers always reply back soon after i make the payment. Am i being impatient???
  2. Did you win with BIN or was it the end of the auction? It would be nice for the sellers to respond within 24 hours, but I'd give them the benefit of the doubt, especially if it was BIN and they didn't really know when to expect the auction to end. Do they have good feedback? I'm sure they'll respond soon. GL!
  3. yes it was BIN, feedback was 99.9%
  4. No, you're not impatient. Some sellers are very non-responsive and their 'answer' is your question is the package arriving--if that makes any sense. Sometimes if you check back on the item and click 'View Order Details,' it will show when the label was created (if they created through PayPal system) or it will show when it item was marked as shipped. That might help narrow down arrival time, in the event seller still does not respond to your questions. HIH! :flowers:
  5. Yes you are being impatient, alot of sellers only check e-mails every other day or so. Sounds like they have good fb so I'm sure you'll be fine
  6. give seller couple of day...:tup:
  7. I would not worry as of yet, they probably just have not gotten around to checking eBay or responding. Definitely wait a few days.
  8. or may eBay's messaging system is whacked again! I have received a couple of emails from my buyers requesting for the Tracking Info, when I have already sent the info last week - via ebay messaging and via regular email.

    I am really concerned about this because I do not want them to think that I am not a "responsible" seller to them. I have indicated on the 2nd email I sent to them to email me back so I would know that they have received my email/message, but no response. I am kinda worried/upset right now because of it.
  9. thanks for all your inputs. I'm gonna wait til three tomorrow and if I don't hear anything i'm going to send her another email.