No Respect for my Vert Gazon!

  1. Just thought I'd share a small story:

    I was dressed up and ready to go out to dinner Saturday night with my husband and two of my children. I was standing at the door ready to head out to the garage. I was totally styling -- wearing my beautiful vert gazon first, with a grass green sweater, white jeans, and strappy sandals. I thought I looked pretty good until I realized my children were staring at me open mouthed.

    I asked what on earth the problem was, and my darling son said "has Aqua Man been kidnapped? His skin is hanging off of your arm!".

    There goes his college tuition. Just thought I'd share. He's available for sale if anyone is interested in a disrespectable 17 year old. I'll make you a good deal!:okay:
  2. Ha! Great story!
  3. OMG!!!

    That is hysterical!!!!!

    TOO CUTE!!
  4. :roflmfao::devil: I can see that my son if he is old enough would probably say something about it too....But I do think the VG is a beautiful color...I guess they are just being men :rolleyes:
  5. haha! thats the funniest thing I have read on here in ages!

  6. I have 3 children between the ages of 19 - 23. I decided when they turned 15 that I would ignore their comments until they turned 25!

    It sounds to me like you looked gorgeous!
  7. My son is only 11 and he and his friends make fun of me and my handbags. He'll get in the car after school and ask me if I got a new one today. I told him someday his girlfriend or wife will be happy to know me, my handbags and my dresses since I don't have a daughter to share them with.
  8. hahaha that is so funny!
  9. I have two sons (the disrespectful one quoted above and an older, married son). Only one daughter. At 22 years old, you'd think she'd be forever aching to borrow my purses. Not a chance. She HATES each and every one of them (I guess most especially my Aqua Man purse). I am fully aware that when I die, they will all get bagged up and sent to Good Will, with my daughter utterly oblivious to what she's doing. Oh well. Maybe her tastes will change.

    Or, egads, maybe I really have horrible taste in purses?????????:shocked:
  10. :wtf: I am a seventeen year old boy and if my mom had a bag from Balenciaga much less a vert gazon (my favourite new colour) bag, I would have to borrow it.

    Of course I spend more money on bags than my mother. :graucho:
  11. Haha, that sounds like something my SO will say. I have a feeling when we have our DS/DD, he will try to teach them to make these types of comments too.
  12. NO you (we) have fabulous taste.

    Oh, maybe she will change her mind--I'm still waiting at age 38 to get my hands on my mom's 1960's chanel purses and her fortuni mom still won't let me touch them!! :rolleyes:
  13. ^^ lol, that's awesome!!! :tup:

    p.s. i love vert gazon Kathy K :heart:
  14. lol Men!!

    I had a bad dream saturday night, so when I woke up on sunday morning I told my BF I had had a nightmare and he said:

    "Did you dream that someone put your purse on the floor?"

  15. That is hysterical!!!!! And sadly sooo typical! We have 5 children from 24 to 4. The first 4 were boys and then finally a girl. The two 13 year olds have a cow over my bags. I'll say "let me off at the door" if it is raining. They think I'm a little ridiculous!!!!! Thank goodness my 4 year old daughter is following in her Mom's footsteps. She already has quite a shoe and purse collection!!!!
    I can't wait to see what the boys have to say when I get my Magenta next spring!!!!! They probably won't want to go out in public with me.
    I think your out fit sounds cute and I bet your green bag looked awesome with your outfit-BOYS!!!!