No respect for my Toki....just a silly vent

  1. I am currently using my Forresta Campeggio as Gabe's diaper bag and my husband was watching him last night while I was at work and they went to my in-laws house for dinner. In the three hours I was away my husband put stinky, dirty clothes in my lovely bag (I am airing it out now) and he LOST my Qee!!!! It was a Qee I bought too, specifically to match the Foresta print - it was a cute orange cat! When I asked him about his offenses on my lovely bag he just shrugged. UGH! :lol:
  2. Sorry to hear about your bag's desecration. Luckily, the tokidoki bags are made (mostly) of ripstop nylon which should clean up nicely. I hope that the qee turns up-- maybe it's under some furniture or in the car? Wishing you all the best!:heart:
  3. How does someone just lose a qee?!?!? It would pretty much have to be ripped off the bag. Did it do more damage???
  4. I have no clue! All that's left is the ring that goes around the neck. I was explaining to my husband that it is very hard to pull the head off to get it off the ring....I have a feeling he knows what happened but isn't going to admit to it. My ILs have 2 Rottweilers so I'm guessing that my poor Qee is in a Rottweiler's digestive track right now. :rolleyes: Thankfully it didn't do more damage though.
  5. GASP! :wtf:
  6. could've been worse :x he could have stuck dirty diapers in there...

    anyways like the commercial on tv says... guys have a different definition of what's "clean" lol
  7. Good point! :lol: Men! At least now he knows to take better care of my Campeggios. ;)
  8. He better!!! :boxing:
  9. :roflmfao:That's where I expected this thread to go at first!! Definitely good that he didn't do that, gabes_mommy!!
  10. Awww... I know how you feel. The first 2 campeggios I bought for my sons as diaper bags were destroyed by my nanny. She's big on cleanliness and thought she'd handwash them so the color kinda ran on the inferno print and on the foresta, the hardware got a little rust! It's also a puzzle to me how one of the qees got its body cut off...

    I hope your foresta bag airs out well :tup:
  11. he sucks
  12. Yikes!! How do you cause all that damage in only three hours?!?!!:shocked:

    Note to self: Never leave hubby alone with tokidokis!
  13. hehe for some reason I just picture the nanny rambling on about it being a dirty white qee and out of a moment of anger biting the head off and throwing away the body... haha I teach you a lesson you stupid qee.. lol sorry... I am a weird person and think just weird things.. lol :shame:

    Anyhow that sucks.. thats why I am the only one allowed to use tokis as a diaper bag.. I got my hubby a blue/lime green backpack to use as a diaper bag when he goes out with our daughter alone. That way my tokis are safe.. :yes:
  14. Get a "fokidoki" for your hubby to use as his diaper bag LOL.
  15. :roflmfao: Weird, but I also can imagine!!!