No reserve on a Re-issue???

  1. How come I can't "click to verify" on the My Poupette sign?
  2. she probably messed up the coding. i found her on the list at my poupette.
  3. It will be interesting to see what the purse goes for. I bet a lot of people will be watching.....
  4. It does look as though it has been quite stretched (maybe a bit more than gently used?).
  5. what size is it? does anyone know?
  6. I agree. The bottom looks a little beat up, even though it is supposed to have a "distressed" look. I remember when I purchased mine (I later returned it), it had a crease on it that was pretty noticeable.
  7. The bottom does have creases but is that just normal wear and tear... other ladies with reisues, has yours gone like that?
  8. Mine does not look that worn, but I usually just take it out on weekends. Maybe the seller tried to stuff too much stuff in it..... or the pictures are just really bad
  9. it willl go for alot more then what its at now, her auctions always do.
  10. It sold for 1,800.00!
  11. and to a PF member.
    thats too high IMO, esp since its so worn.
  12. I bid 1600 and was outbid
    No way would I have paid 1800
  13. Yes, it looks really worn -- rubbed and stretched.
  14. It was a very, very worn 227 (large). IMO, $1800 was too high for a bag in that condition.