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  1. Hi all. I bought an expensive item on the 14th and Paid straight away. It was suppose to be next day delivery (2-3) days.

    I have sent the seller 2 messages asking if they have sent the item but had no reply (this was yesterday eve and the day before). I have still not heard anything back...

    The seller has over 100 pos feedback... Any advice :sad:

    I have checked the ebay status and they haven't set it as dispatched..
  2. I think you're excessively worried too soon.

    It's only been 3 days since your purchase and based on the time zone of your seller, the item may not have been shipped till the next day.

    Was the "next day delivery (2-3) days" delivery the postal service estimate or did you pay for express mail?

    If it's priority mail, understand that 2-3 days is only an estimate and often can and does take longer. (I've had priority packages take up to a week to arrive.)

    Some sellers, especially those who don't have long histories of selling don't always respond as quickly as established sellers.

    Give it time.
  3. I know just excited to receive it. next day delivery by the Royal mail always comes the next day. I was just hoping she would post day after payment or even the 2nd day after payment. Will wait till Monday... have to curb my excitement until then!!
  4. yes, would wait until Monday after your mail delivery...if you haven't heard
    back from your seller then you can file a INR....
  5. Thanks...;)