No release of eggs

  1. So I was just a the gyno yesterday. She said my body is not releasing eggs and prescribed clomid and some pills to make my periods come regularily. Does someone have the same issue, what are your experiences?
  2. Nola, I'd actually like to ask you a couple of questions..
    What were your symptoms leading you to the doc?
    Do you have irregular periods?
    Are there signs that would tell one that they are not releasing eggs, or is it something that can be seen only by the doctor?
    Thanks so much, I am wondering about myself.
  3. ^^I'm wondering too:yes:
  4. I was prescribed clomid for the same reason and I have 3 beautiful children now :biggrin:
    I also wasn't ovulating regularly/"dropping eggs".
    They can test you to see if you're releasing eggs and on which side.
    My periods have never been clockwork, they've been long cycles, usually 30-38 days between.
  5. I think it´s a mark of sums really. My "symptoms" were long cycles; usually 36 days plus irregularities in them, 4-8 days late for example, spotting for 14 days in my last 22 days long cycle etc. The doctor took an ultrasound:yes: Soon I´ll have to get a blood test and then they will do an ultrasound again.

    Swanky-Thanks so much for your experience. So helpful to hear that you got pregnant even with this issue:heart:
  6. So sorry to hear this. Hopefully the Clomid will help and you'll have good news to share soon.
  7. Not ovulating was also my problem. I had a very funky, long, and irregular cycles (I was charting using the TCOYF method) and was also tested for high FSH. Turns out I had very high FSH (for my young age) in addition to the strange cycles, so I was put on Clomid....which didn't work for me, even in higher doses. My IF took it up a notch and put me on an injectable medication, which finally did the trick and I ovulated ONE egg on that first treatment cycle. (most women ovulate at least 3-4 on injectables) That one egg became my son. We repeated the injectables treatment after we had our son and again, became pregnant again on the first try and had a daughter.

    So for me, the issue was not ovulating, we just had to find the right treatment to force those eggs out of me! Good luck to you all!
  8. If the clomid does not work, PLEASE get tested for Insulin Resistance. It is a simple blood test and the treatment is simply taking Metformin which is a very safe medication used for those with Type II diabetes. If your body is producing too much insulin, you will not ovulate or menstruate regularly. This was my problem and after TTC for 18 months and never ovulating (even on 150 mg of clomid) I tried the diabetic meds and was pregnant within 3 months. Stopped taking those meds and had a healthy pregnancy. Good luck!!
  9. Thanks for your well wishes everyone!

    Kristydarling-Thank you for sharing your encouraging story. So glad you got pregnant-it was meant to be!

    LoriB-Thank you so much for this tip-I´m sure it´s not the first thing to check in these circumstances!
  10. This is OT, but Nola, your avatar made me LOL! That is all. I love that movie! :tup::roflmfao:
  11. OT is no problem! I love that movie, Meryl Streep rocks:p
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    Nola, i share the same view as korilynn - everytime i see your avatar & your tagline (in hermes section) - im instantly amused as i just watched the movie rerun recently & loved how meryl streep said it!
  13. Same problem here. Never ovulated or realized that my periods were "abnormal". Anyhow, we did clomid, IUI and gonadotropins for my two children. My belly is covered in needle track marks- makes me laugh when people complain about stretch marks. Good luck to you!
  14. Oi vey, you courageous girl! I hope it doesn´t come to the needles part, I´m terrified of that.

    Last day of Clomid today, feeling good, no symptoms whatsoever:tup: On the 6th day I have my ultrasound again, we´ll see what´s going on.
  15. That is so great that you get an ultrasound on the 6th day... I just love immediate gratification :smile: