No Refund Policy at YSL Boutique Any Suggestions?

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    Hi All,
    I bought a Sunset bag, and it turns out I really want to get a Gucci bag instead. I bought the sunset on impulse because of how beautiful it was.

    I am told I cannot get a refund. So I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on how I could get my money back.

    Or any recommendations for YSL handbags to get instead of the Sunset?

    (aka LunarAria)
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    Good luck. :smile:
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  3. Thanks. I changed it to ask for suggestions! :smile:
  4. Check your local legislation. The company may be obligated to refund your money if you return the bag depending where you live.
  5. In the same price point, perhaps instead get a Niki bag (which is very popular and a better overall value), Kate, College, Loulou or one of the newer styles....or maybe the camera and other less expensive options. There are a lot of nice options, but it would likely be best if you take some time trying on various items while at the boutique to see if they accommodate your needs so that you're totally happy with the item you get in exchange.
  6. I was actually thinking I could do a camera bag, and a Kate (with tassel) / an Envelop WOC.

    But yeah I'll definitely try them out and maybe take a girlfriend for a second opinion. I know I like YSL. I think my heart really wanted the Gucci Marmont, but my head was taking me against it because of how the leather can crease and the top can get tappered.
  7. Thanks!