No Red Elisha for moi..

  1. AE canceled my order...:crybaby:

    if any of you see one available, would you let me know?
  2. Oh no! How awful!!!

    I will keep my eyes peeled for that elusive red Elisha! :search:
  3. Check - on the lookout for you!
  4. Oh, how dissapointing! I will for sure be on the lookout for one, don't despair!
  5. You know you know you know......we are Kooba Sleuths!!! Together is one Great Kooba Mind and don't despair - we WILL find you one!!!!! :tup::yes::tup::heart:
  6. Oh heck, how disappointing, especially after thinking you'd managed to get one. Don't despair... we're on the look out for an elusive red Elisha.