no receipt?

  1. I got a Coach wallet for my birthday, but I already had one and they didn't give me a gift receipt. Can I return it to the Coach Store and get something else even though I don't have a receipt? All the tags and everything are with it...
  2. You should call your local store and ask. It's been awhile since I worked at the Coach store, but if it was a current item, we'd give store credit. If it was an older item, they might give the current outlet price. But definitely check with your local store or a current SA because things definitely could have changed since I was there.
  3. FYI -- About a month ago I returned a purse that I received as a gift from my Mom (with no receipt) and they allowed me to exchange it for something else. It was a current style and they gave me the full amount toward the new item. I think you should probably still call ahead, though.
  4. They give you store credit & I think it's for the retail price, if it was from an outlet they would know b/c it would have a bullseye (target) stamp somewhere on it.
  5. I took a purse bag with tags but without my receipt and I had a choice of store credit or an exchange.
  6. policy is without reciept, new and unused items maybe returned for credit or exchanged for current selling price (now you can be thankful coach never has sales!)

    some stores are more strict. without reciept you must exchange for something equal or more, no merchandise credit allowed whatsoever.

    if it's factory, without a gift reciept or actual reciept they wouldn't return it, they couldn't because of the fact that the pieces from outlet can be marked down further and further if needed.

    hope that helps!

    what are you planning to exchange it for if you do exchange?

    and before i forget you do need a valid gov't issued id
  7. I've returned old new items with tags for store credit. You do need ID but so far they've taken it back even when it's from older seasons.
  8. If the item is from an older season they won't allow it without a receipt. One SA said they don't know if you bought it from a factory store.
  9. If it is new and has tags proving you got it at a retail store, you can get store credit or exchange based on the value it has at that time. But definitely call ahead!
  10. Tags aren't required :smile:

  11. thanks everyone! :shame:
  12. really?!
    last time i went they told me the tags had to be ATTACHED, not just they wouldn't let me return my ipod case.
  13. Mine took it back. When they scanned the price tag, it gives them the retail price. It did not have the factory store tag and it shows up in the computer so they took it back. Which store did you go to that won't allow it? :confused1:
  14. That's what I thought too. Well it wasn't my bag, it was my friends and it was at the South Coast store in costa mesa.:sad:
  15. tell that SA that if she or he bothered to visit an outlet store they'd know that all the items have to have a bulleteye...even my planner had one. and that's how they know.