No receipt on purchase

  1. So I placed a phone order and got a Ink Twiggy from Barneys. Beautiful color. :smile: But the reciept was not in the box or the bag. :shrugs: Although I think I'm going to keep the bag, I want my receipt! Now I have to call tomorrow and request that I get a receipt mailed. Talk about customer service. :yucky:
  2. You checked all the pockets right? Saks put my receipt for my Chanel bag in the pocket.
  3. No good. I'll call tomorrow. I did not have a Balenciaga so I could not really appreciate the size of the Twiggy. I think I want a black City and that fab green you have. Still want them to bring back the Anis!

    You need to send me another live feed update, pleeeeze :*)
  4. Haha, nothing has changed yet.
  5. :*)
  6. So which one are you going to get then? The black city or the green one (emerald?)?
  7. By chance was it Barney's LA? I phone ordered some planets a few weeks ago and did not get my receipt either. I called and they sent a duplicate.
  8. Sorry this is OT, but what are planets? :shrugs:
  9. boobies
  10. It's Balenciaga porn! :roflmfao:
  11. They can mail it to you. Think that's questionable service, Saks sent me a bbag w/ a sensor on it . TWICE
  12. Don't worry...they'll have your info in their computer system, so even if you went today to return the bag without the receipt, they could look you up. Just call them and they can send you a duplicate. Enjoy your new bag!!!
  13. I've ordered over the phone from Barney's and they USUALLY put it in the pocket..... if they didn't, just call... you'll be in the computer and they should be able to print a duplicate...
  14. :wtf: insane!

    gloss, i'm sure they'll send you another one. good luck!