No quilted Bay for me...

  1. I just had to share because I am really upset a letter from taxes this morning which says that they have made a mistake in our favor but now we owe them money :rant:! Which is apperently true so here goes my quilted bay... and if that wasn't enough our car started to make a very intriguing noise, which meens a costly reparation or a new car :hysteric:......
    sorry guys but this really makes me feel so mad!
  2. Oooh! That's too bad! :sad: Another time! Me hate taxes! :p
  3. Well...the only possible positive to all of that maybe you won't have to pay full price for the quilted, since you have to wait a few months (after all the "new" wears off this bag) ....maybe you will get a better deal on one....sorry about the tax situation....
  4. So sorry CatCat!:sad: :sad:
  5. sorry to hear that! :sad:
  6. oh CatCat, that sucks, I am so sorry to hear that, and I am sending positive car thoughts over to you as well. Hope it all comes good in the end. Just think how much you will appreciate it when you finally get your hands on one too :smile:
  7. How disappointing! :sad:

    Oh well, as everyone has said, hopefully you can get one a bit later on and maybe even in the sales! ;)
  8. Oh, I'm so sorry catcat...the Tax Man is just awful :sad: I hope your car makes some happier noises soon!!
  9. oh bummer, catcat, I'm so sorry to hear this!!!:sad: Gah, I hate taxes! Good luck with your car, too.
  10. Aww :sad: so sorry!!!! *big hug* best of luck to you :flowers:
  11. sorry to hear that :sad:
  12. Thanks girls for all your encouragements, I will get my ivory paddy really soon since it's already in the post:yahoo: . The Bay will have to wait...I shouldn't complain even if the tax thing is really annoying (4 years later grrrh) at least I get a new car:p !
  13. Sorry Cat but look at the bright side, new car :yahoo: and you never know a Bay bag might show up later for you with a better price and you can always sell things too.;)