No purse forum for weeks!!!

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  1. Ok, so I've just moved across country, from California to Virginia. We left CA on 15th June, and we only got hooked up with internet yesterday, 11th July. Have I missed TPF and everyone in it, I'm sooooo happy to be back, I was going bonkers without access to TPF!!!
    Now I'm settling in my new home, and I have internet, Yahoo!!!!!:yahoo:
  2. Welcome back! Hope you love your new home.
  3. did u survive without TPF?
    Seriously there are times when I work late or am extremely busy and can't come online, I feel like I'd have separation anxiety or something.
  4. Your moving experience would be one of my only considerations for getting an iPhone.
  5. I BARELY survived without TPF. Seriously. It was so traumatic, I am absolutely addicted to this forum, and it was awful going without it for so long. Thanks for your 'words of welcome' back to TPF!
    BTW, yes, I absolutely love my new home, it's wonderful....and more importantly, it's only a 25 mile drive to Potomac mills outlet mall!!!:hugs:
  6. Welcome to Virginia! Potomac Mills is my local outlet mall too. It's really improved lately with the addition of Last Call, Calvin Klein, Coach and Cole Haan so you moved here at the right time :smile:
  7. Welcome back!
  8. Welcome back!
  9. Too funny! I know what you mean though. Sometimes I feel like I am on the computer way too much and vow "no computer today, all day!".
    Of course I can't stay away. I always feel like I'm going to be out of the loop, especially regarding handbags if I stayed away from here too long. I want to keep abreast of the newest bags
    Welcome back BTW!
  10. Thank God for outlet malls! I spent about $500 tonight at the damn outlet! I could have almost bought my damier neverfull..........
  11. welcome back... i woudl no have surive without nternet
  12. Thanks nova_girl! Yeah, I emailed Potomac Mills back when I still lived in CA to ask them if they had a Coach store, and they told me one was opening mid-June.....phew!!!! What a relief!!! I simply cannot go without my Coach store...

    Thanks everyone else's sooooo good to be home! On TPF, I mean!!!!:yahoo: You're all amazing, and I've missed you all no end!
  13. Glad you understand what I mean LOREBUNDE, I'm happy to know I'm not the only one!:biggrin: