no purple medium 2.55 caviar in UK

  1. :cursing: :cursing: i just called and so cannto believe we do not have this in the UK......i am absolutely mad.

    i really want that bag, do u girls think US can ship that bag to the UK???

    also on the 'Celeb with chanel' forum, what is the name/season of the bag that katie holms was holding????

    the pic is on page ten katie was standing next to VB.

    i'm still mad. any UK girls is holding the purple 2.55 caviar please let me know where u got it from. thanks :cursing: :cursing: :cursing:
  2. have you tried calling chanel in paris? i'm sure they would have it too!

    if you're talking about the red bag katie was wearing, a poster on the thread said it was the velvet 2006 reissue :smile:
  3. Have you tried Harrods and Harvey nics?
  4. They do have one at my Neiman Marcus in San Diego - or at least they had one on Wednesday.:yes:
  5. I got bought the jumbo purple LAMBSKIN classic flap from NM in Newport. The system had 3 of them. I know chanel south coast plaza had the purple medium caviar and the purple east west last friday. You should call the 800 chanel # and see if they can track one for you.
  6. If you manage to track one down at NM and have a problem getting it shipped to the UK, contact me, and will put you in touch with my NM personal shopper who should be able to arrange that for you.
  7. Hi Rose, I think its really nice of you to offer to help.:angel:
  8. Aw, thank you!:heart:
  9. thank you so much ladies. i will try harrods, selfridge and harvey nic tomorrow.

    and thank you so much rose for offering ur help.

    back to the katie holms sorry is not the red velvet one. it the black one with chains and it looks like another classic flap but with a zipper inside rather than a double flap.

    thanks again ladies
  10. kaka, did you track down the purple flap?? I really wanted one too...Im so gutted!!!!

    I havent even started asking the Chanel boutiques it seems pointless.
  11. no not yet. but i'm going to london tomorrow to see it myself. I'll let you know if i did.
  12. Hi Kaka28,
    I think if it's not available in London, you maybe should try in Paris to avoid the duties taxes...
  13. ^^^ yeah my cousin said the same about trying paris but i wont be able to have the tax refund because we are part of the EU which means anyone who is living in the EU cannot have tax refund if they bought something from another EU country, if you know what i mean. which sucks.
  14. Tax refunds are more interesting than shipping+ custom duties ???
    and maybe prices are a little bit lower here (as LV or Balenciaga) ???

    But you're maybe right with the taxes refund ...really I don't know ...
  15. I just went to Chanel stores today and they dont have the purple flap!! I asked the lady and for some reason she said, "america is a different market" etc etc. Anyway they didnt order the purple..I was disappointed since its such a dreamy colour!