No Pudge Brownies

  1. I finally got around to making the No Pudge Brownies from Trader Joe's. I love the idea of using FF Yogurt instead of oil and eggs. The brownies are too rich for me though..

    I was wondering though, if replacing eggs and oil with yogurt would work with all boxed cake/brownie mixes such as betty crocker or duncan hines, and not just this one brand of brownies from trader joe's. If anyone has tried this please let me know. I also noticed that these brownies had a tougher texture. Is it because of the yogurt or just how they are supposed to be?
  2. I don't know about replacing everything in reg brownies with yogurt, but I make cake mix with a can of pumpkin and a little water if necessary and use that for cupcakes if you are looking for something healthy but chocolately! Even DH likes them that way!
  3. One of my friends told me that her mom does that with muffins but I don't really like pumpkin flavored things. And pumpkin flavored brownies sounds really weird. Can you taste the pumpkin?
  4. I cannot taste it. I just taste the moist chocolateyness... I am not sure if it would work in brownies.

    for cupcakes, its just a cheapie duncan heinz mix plus one 16oz can of libbys pumpkin, thinned a little with water if you like (I dont usually thin it much). I know it sounds funky, but its really good! Like I am not a pumpkin pie eater at all *blech*, but I like these!
  5. OH MY GOD - I make these all the time and NO ONE can tell that they're made with yogurt!!!! :wlae:
    I've only used vanilla yogurt as suggested and I always jazz it up by added chopped walnuts.
    That's it. I know what I'm making tomorrow for tomorrow night's desert! THE BEST THE BEST THE BEST - I cannot recommend them more highly.:girlsigh:
  6. uhmm these sound yummy, I saw them in the grocery store today. Ill have to try them. thanks ladies!

    Also my sister substitutes oil in those cookie and cake recipes with applesauce. dont notice the difference.

    edit- also on my flaxseed packet it says it can be substituted for shortening or cooking oil at a ratio of 3 to 1 in baked goods. foe example 1-1 1/2 of flaxseed meal can replace 1/2 cup of butter, mararine or cooking oil in a recipe
    but baked goods substituted with flaxseed tend to brown faster

    Also I heard you can use 3 egg whites as a substitute for a regular egg.
  7. I would make them using non fat vanilla yogurt. Then I would make my own frosting.

    I think the recipe was milk, margarine, confectioner's sugar and cocoa. I would just keep adding things until it got that chocolate frosting texture.
  8. I use the plain yogurt. Flavored yogurt adds calories, because it's so sugary and sugar-free yogurt contains sweetners that break down above a certain temp. But yeah, I like the No Pudge mixes-- they've been around for a long time.

    For baking, I've substituted applesauce and that works well too. But what I usually do is just swap whole eggs for egg whites. It cuts calories, fat and cholesterol without compromising taste or texture :tup:
  9. I loveeee the no pudge brownies. There is no such thing as too rich/sweet for me lol. I live for sweet snacks! Speaking of somewhat "not too bad for you" brownies... have you ever tried the fat free cookies Josephs Lite Cookies - Cookies - Santa Fe Farms Fat-Free Chocolate Mint Chip Cookies they come in chocolate chocolate chip flavor as well. SOOOOO good. And full of fiber. I found them at Baron's so they could be at Trader Joe's as well. I don't often make it to TJ's because it's on the other side of town and by the time I get home my stuff isnt cold anymore.
  10. Add one egg white! That thins them out a lot!
  11. I just bought a new box on Monday while I'm home for spring break since there isn't a trader joe's where I go to school. I will definitely try that!