No Prive at NM -- Price has CHANGED!?!

  1. I recently (2 weeks ago) preordered the Glitter No Prive at for $625 (my order history still says 625) but I was on their site today... and the price is now $845?!?! What does that mean?? Did they screw up and will now charge me 845 later instead of 625?? Bc I think that's extremely unfair. Here is the link to it now

    Just wanted to share this random information!
    Thank you girls
  2. Hi,

    right now ist the Price $8450:nuts:. There is something wrong the Website:yes:
  3. No that was just an example to show there´s something wrong with the Website
  4. There is nothing wrong with the price on the Mosaic NP, Birkinfan. They really are that much.

    As for the glitter NP, I believe that $845 is the current price for both NP and VP. When you preordered them, they didn't reflect at least two price increases (I think they were $745, then $795, and now $845). I agree that it is very upsetting-- I would call and ask for an explanation.
  5. Wow 2 prices increases in one season! They go too far!:wtf:
  6. If you bought them at $625, do you really think they are going to charge you $845? I don't know but it seems to me like you would just get them for the lower price you "paid"
  7. They can not charge you more than what your order was placed at. I'm 99% sure this situation has happened before and they have either cancelled the order or gone through w/it at the price. If you get them at $625 you are SUPER lucky. It hasn't been in the 600 range in years. I remember purchasing a pair of No Prive's in 2007 for $690.
  8. thanks for the responses. hopefully they won't cancel it... i honestly can't see how they can do that without my permission though!
  9. good news!!! " If you have an order already in the system, the price will still be what you ordered at."

    I saved this conversation as evidence haha =)
  10. That's great! A few years ago Bergdorf's online had the price wrong on No Prives. I got a pair of black ones for $428 as did some other tPFers. I wish I had grabbed a pair of brown ones too!
  11. Future, that is fantastic news!!

    I agree, they have gone way too far. The quality has suffered a great deal over the past few years. Maybe if they were asking the increased prices for 2006-2008 quality... but I digress.

    Hi Liza!
  12. Have you hard anthing about your pre order? I know its still early but I'm so impatient! I want my first pair of CL's!
  13. I had the same problem too. I called Customer Service, and they are only charging me $625. I was told I would be receiving them in April.