No price increase??

  1. I just got off the phone with an SA from the AM Hermes in LI. I was told by her that there will be no price increase on any of their stock this year! :nuts: Is this possible. Is it maybe because they are not corporate. Does anyone here have a store by them that is not linked to corporate and check to see if this is the same at their store. This is exciting!!!!! I want to know more. This store is also opened on Sundays and has a late night on Thursday!
  2. Wow. How nice. But very strange, Bagg.
  3. I must move up there!!!!
  4. I know! I want to know why there is no price increase!!! I'm going there tomorrow to investigate!:supacool:
  5. Ugh, talking about increases, just noticed the US site's scarves are now $325. They don't miss a trick, do they?
  6. nope!
  7. Hmmmm. Interesting.
  8. No price increase. Good News!