No price increase yet

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  1. Just checked 11:15 GMT and the LV website doesn't show a price increase on any of the pieces I've purchased recently.

    It was supposed to be 3rd March wasn't it?
  2. The prices have increased for US but for some reason it shows when you put the items on your wishlist :smile:
  3. Maybe there's no price increase in United Kingdom and Europe as I've checked that and still shows current prices.

    I'm a bit relieved to be honest.

  4. :smile: I would be relieved too if US didn't have a price increase lol. Enjoy it!
  5. When you type in 'curieuse' on the UK website, the prices have gone up for the full size and compact but barely! But then you click on the item and the old price shows anyway...
  6. Nope, it's gone up. Add the item to your cart to see the new price.
  7. Yup :smile:
  8. From the items on my wishlist (9), only 1 appears to have increased in price by £10.

    Soady - the full size Curieuse wallet doesn't appear to have increased. I have it listed on my WISHLIST S/S as £465 and it's still £465 (even when added to my cart!)

    Price increases can happen on different dates/times in different countries.

    Don't complain! :lol:
  9. It has have to add it to your cart to see the increase on some items.
  10. I have (see post) - added all 9 items to my card and only 1 has increased!
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    For me it shows an increase of £5 woohoo :lol:- the full size curieuse and compact has increased by £10
    Full - £465 to £470
    Compact - £365 to £375
  12. Ok, saw wishlist and didn't realize u added them to your the US it seems that most things have increased..everything I looked at anyway.
  13. Price increase in Europe has already been last tuesday!!!
  14. How is that possible? On the home page, I see the Curieuse as £465 and when I sign in and add it to my basket then it still shows as £465.

    A French Purse is also on my wishlist and that shows on the search page as having increased in price (£10) without having to add it to basket.

    I'm what price do you see the Empriente Artsy and Epi Neverfull MM at then?
  15. It has old prices on website but when you click to check out new price is up:sad: