No Prada subforum?

  1. Just curious...and also wondering what to look out for when trying to determine a fake from a real prada. I just ordered a prada bag from which, according to this board, sells authentic stuff but I just wanted to know. Thanks!
  2. What, no prada love?
  3. You should post this request in the Site Feedback Sub-Forum in order to get a response.
  4. Thanks for the tip...although i think it got towed. So, how about a Prada subforum?
  5. did you do a search already to see if it's been brought up before?
    I think it has. . . .
    Prada just doesnt have enough conversation about it to earn it's own sub-Forum yet I believe.
  6. ^UH..I can talk about Prada all day..and night..LMAO...
  7. you and krazy can! LOL!