No posty for muah

  1. Gotta share. Got a call from my SA yesterday to tell me it came in. So I went in today before my hair appointment. I wasn't excited about it. It wasn't as big as I had hoped. I'm sure someone here could rock it, but it won't be me. I hoped I would fall in love with it like my patchwork speedy. But it didn't make me want to do the dance of joy. So what's next on my waitlist? The Ivore Bowling Montagine GM! But they had none in stock:cursing: . Fell in love with Nakolulu's and Joie. Guess I've gotta wait again, blah!
    Down the waitlist I go. Black MC speedy. Hmmm:graucho: . Nope, must wait for Winnie. So I left LV bagless:crybaby:. No Posty, no Bowling GM and no MC Speedy. Atleast my hair looks good:roflmfao:.

    Don't ya get bummed when you go to LV? Ya think you're coming home with something. Only to leave empty handed?
  2. Ahh, don't you hate that? I hate it when I think I'm going to LOVE a bag and then I finally see and it does NOTHING for me! =( Oh well......the next GREAT bag will be waiting for you next time you go!

    I have to say....get the MC Speedy. I just got mine in black and I LOVE of my favorite bags! =)
  3. Totally!

    but at least the bowling and Mc speedy are permanant so no rush, plus it's good to save for the fall season!!
  4. OMG, not the fall season! Too many bags, so little time:p
  5. awwwww...sorry to hear that posty didn't work out for you. and i know what you mean about leaving the store without anything when you had your heart on getting something. btw, you don't *have* to wait for me. you can get it first and then go with me when the time comes. ;) if they have your perfect color combo...go for it! :nuts: i'll keep an eye out for the bowling gm for ya!
  6. yes- the big disappointment! especially when we wait and wait and wait------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------.
  7. No worries. Half the fun in getting my MC is getting it with you! Plus my SA said she'll put aside all the black MC speedies for us when we come in. She's cool like that! I'm in no hurry. But that bowling PM's pretty hot. Gonna wait for the GM. SHe's gonna give me a holla once it comes in. No prob.
  8. I know what you mean. I always feel that I should leave with something. Better luck next time!
  9. Ohhh....that's too bad. I'm passing a posty too. I thought 1 patchwork will do for me since there are so many bags to get.....
  10. I know what you mean.
  11. Yeah, the anticipation and the flat feeling you get when the bag just wasn't "you" in real life.
  12. That's a major bummer. Especially after all the anticipation!
  13. Don't ya get bummed when you go to LV? Ya think you're coming home with something. Only to leave empty handed?
    Girl, I always leave empty handed! lmao! I only go to LV to try on bags as I either buy from elux(no tax) or used on eBay. But I do feel that way when I go to Loehmans! If I leave Loehmans w/out something then I just don't feel right, lol!
  14. Aw I'm sorry. But just think of the joy you'll get when you find the bag that's really "you." :graucho:
  15. That's ok MJ. You'll have that GM in no time. I love love love my PM. ;)