no pomme zippyfor me :(

  1. but I'm getting a Juicy wallet instead!!! :yahoo:

    I've been feeling guilty lateley just THINKING about spending soooo much for a wallet, and I don't think I can do it...and at the same time I found this other wallet that I fell in love with too :heart: and it's got a "J" zipper pull and it was J=Jill *I know..crazy!* I'll still have some $$ from my BF's Louis Dollars left...should I get a cozy? LOL...i'm obsessed with that lil thing now. and just keep my summer purchase open for anything!??!
  2. I actually love having my name on my stuff! I always feel a little silly carrying around other peoples initials (but I still love LV lol) so I think the whole "J" thing is great! My sister's initials are "CC" like Chanel, so she carries Chanel! So congrats, I'm glad you like it!
  3. Better change your sig then! ;)
  4. Hehe~I know which Juicy wallet you've got, Congrats!!
  5. Congrats, Jill! I'm sure your J wallet is just as adorable! Yeah... my sister is like that. Her engagement ring had to be her initial before the rest of the 3 c's. Hope you get a MC Cozy its really cute.
  6. mc cozy is adorable...i think ajuicy wallet is great too, esp with a J! :supacool:
  7. thanks for the reassurance women are da bomb!!! :smile:

    i can't wait to get it!

    i was also thinking in class that I can probably order my cozy by this'll be a belated bday pressie..but that's ok.

  8. changed it..just for ya! ;)

    maybe i can afford to get a denim baggy PM :nuts: ???!?!!?
  9. The wallet sounds cute. My daughter just got a juicy purse from her Nana and it has the J pull and a J on the back, of course her name is Jillian so she thinks it was special and made just for her.

  10. aww..that's soo cute!!!

    You're daughter's name is almost spelled the same as mine, but mine has an "e" at the end ==> Jilliane :p but mine is still pronounced as Jillian...not like Jilli-ANNE *LOL*
  11. Good choice! I love my Juicy wallet! :smile:
  12. Its important to feel good about what you buy.
    Let's see a pic of your new wallet :smile:
  13. Thanks! And happy birthday! How old are you now?

    You should get the black shawl and the Cabas Mezzo! ;)
  14. thank you :smile:

    she's on the way being shipped! I'll take pics when I get her in about two weeks...ugh..shipping to Canada from US is like SNAILL MAILLL....

  15. LOL..I'll be 23 on Sunday :yahoo: