No point in watching that . . . I watch the real thing!

  1. I find that I'm not as excited about ER as I used to be. I think because I got lost in the storyline, and I tend to watch those surgery shows on TLC.

    So when I watch a little of ER these days, and I see the running around, screaming, "I need 10 cc's of this, stat!" I'm thinking, 'I'd rather watch Untold Stories of the ER.'

    I like Scrubs, though.

    I guess this is why I can't really get into Grey's Anatomy.

    Anybody else feel this way?
  2. I'm not to into ER also, I used to be though. But the untold stories of the ER is great, I lost many hours of sleep from that show. And Scrubs is hilarious I love zach braff.
  3. I agree! I'm not into ER anymore, and Grey's Anatomy is just too...soap opera-ish. Scrubs is so funny! I love that show. I have been recently addicted to House, M.D.