No Pink

  1. Okay well the end of my journey for a pink XL Heritage satchel is over. So I ended up driving to Coach today to order the white one. Anyways, this one my first choice so I am happy but I kinda had my hopes up for the pink one for some reason. So it should be here in 3-5 days!!!! Can't wait :yahoo: :tup: :love:
  2. YAY! the white is my favorite.. even over the pink! I think you made a good choice!
  3. Ya I love the khaki/white combo they have out now. It looks so fresh and springy but I feel like I can where it anytime. I just thought it would be nice to put a lil pink in my collection, but oh well! I can't wait!!!!!!
  4. The white is definitely more versatile! Think of it that way AND like you said, it was your first choice. Can't wait to see pics!!!!:yes:
  5. Yay! Can't wait to see pics! I think the white will be easier to match. You can always add a charm to give a pop of color perhaps!
  6. You could always paint the white pink!!! (kidding).

    Can't wait to see your pics.
  7. Pink would be cute, but I think white is a great choice too! It's probably more versatile in terms of color. Just get something pink to go with it!:graucho:
  8. Did I miss something? I thought you ordered the pink over the weekend.
  9. They're both gorgeous... but I like the white a little more. Great choice!!
  10. Well there is no pink made. It was a mistake in the computer. So my order got cancelled and I got the white one instead.
  11. Great choice ashdir... :tup: Don't know if you saw my pics, but this is the XL satchel that I got about 2 weeks ago... you'll love it... enjoy! :tup:
  12. Ya I have been wanting this bag and seeing your pics just made it final. lol Love it!!! Have you been using it? If so how is it?
  13. Nope I actually haven't broken the bag in yet, its still in the dust bag ever since i have brought it home... i just can't get myself to use it yet, I want to BUT its so cold here that its hard to break it out when the weather is like 20 degrees... i'll be using it soon... its just hard to use it when it just snowed <sigh>... its hard to get me in the "spring" mood when i see snow... :crybaby:
  14. Lol I am the complete opposite. I use whatever color bag at any time of year. I'm not about the season bags.
  15. sorry you didnt get the pink one. The white is on my wishlist! Well, the LITTLEST