No pics yet but...

  1. Why have I never noticed the fabulousness of the modern chain flap before today? I just pre saled one in brown for Saks EGC today :yahoo:. Can't wait until Thursday! Love the shiney chain on it, and such a great size.
  2. I know, I just received mine in brown too, carried it today for the first time, I love it!! Congrats!
  3. i love it congrats!
  4. MC flap is a great bag. I love it but am wondering what the actual size is. Can you post measurements when you get her!

    Congrats - lovely purchase! And in brown yet!! So in.
  5. What style did you get?
    I ask my Saks and was told they did not have the totes in brown and I would love to get one too :tup:
  6. Will post measurements when I get her.
  7. its a great bag, I have it in black from last season, it was my first chanel. congrats, cant wait to see your pictures you will love it!
  8. can't wait to see pics!