NO PETS rule, i seriously cannot move out!! Anyone else had this problem?

Luva Pug

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Dec 26, 2006
Tooth Fairy Land =)
So my bf and I have been looking to move out together for 6 months. The pain in my life atm is ~ No pets allowed!! Ahhh I am seriously going to cry, my lil baby ( Minnie my pug in my sig) is stopping me from being able to move out lol! How crazy is that, not money, no, my pug!
I went to view this apartment today, ticked ALL the correct boxes, i mean this place was TDF.
So i ask the question, what about pets (lol said it quietly) "emmm we have said no to pets", "its my gf, she said they smell".
Gahhh, even though i have told every landlord to be that my puggie will not be there in the day, and never left alone its always a big NO!

So today when i heard it again, i really did feel like crying!
I had a phone call at 2pm saying that he had spoken to his gf and she said no 'because of noise'. :crybaby:
I think the estate agent felt sorry for me and at about 4;30 rang and told me she had spoken to the bf again and told him how dissapointed i was, and he said he will speak to his gf tonight again:sweatdrop:.

I am literally crossing my whole body tonight that i get good news tomorrow!!

I was just wondering though, has anyone else had these problems? It is driving me insane, i feel like i am just never going to be able to move out ~ untill i have qualified and am able to buy, which is going to be in like 5 years!! :tdown:

Please keep everything crossed for me!! xx


Jan 29, 2006
Having lived in many, many apartments, I've found that more often than not, if you just offer a pet deposit upfront or pay a "pet fee", they're willing to bed their rules.


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Mar 22, 2008
Candy Mountain
Almost EVERYONE has this problem. I had to pay a $500 pet deposit just to get my little girl in so I feel your pain. And I highly doubt a 3lb housebroken Chihuahua can cause $500 worth of damage:rolleyes: I thought that was quite excessive.
Apr 16, 2007
I think this is one of the most ridiculous rules in apartment leasing, to be honest. Children are often a lot messier than pets, but apartments are rarely ever "no-children" (mostly because of discrimination laws, but still). Good luck!

Luva Pug

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Dec 26, 2006
Tooth Fairy Land =)
I have never heard of this pet deposit!!
The deposit is £650 or $1300 which i think is a bit on the pricey side anyway! I was thinking jeeze how can anyone do that much damage but yes that is an idea!
I have said stuff like, will clean the carpets etc, replace carpets if anything happens?! xx
Thanks for your support everyone, i feel like not telling people i have a pet, but my Mum said its a Big no no, because if they find out then your in trouble! Lol, which i know is true but i am just so annoyed atm!!
Oct 26, 2007
Yeah, I'm being upfront about telling landlords that I have a pet. I'm too scared they'd evict me if they found out I lied!

There's this one apartment I'm going after and I said that I'll be willing do pay a pet deposit fee or even higher rent for them to take my kitty! Hope they say yes...


Mar 28, 2008
Hiding a pet is really bad, since you are knowingly breaking the terms stated in your lease. The landlord can evict you, or make you get rid of your pet either way its not fun. At the dog park last week one gal mentioned that she originally wanted a cat, the landlord wouldn't allow a cat but allowed her to get a dog:confused1: I think a dog can do much more damage to a dwelling than one cat.


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Dec 30, 2006
This is why I search on Craigslist under 'pets okay'. I don't even WANT to see the apts that I could have if I didn't have my furbabies, because I am not getting rid of them. Why not inquire about the pet thing FIRST? I wouldn't waste my time going through all these visits and applications without KNOWING they take pets.

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Dec 26, 2006
Tooth Fairy Land =)
A lot of these places say nothing about no pets, i ask the estate agents and they are like yes it will be fine then i hear a few hours later that the landlord doesnt want pets!


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Apr 22, 2006
Long and Low Farms
There are a number of places you can rent that are pet friendly. I am sorry I don't have a list, but maybe if you google "pet friendly rentals" you will find something.
That said, my family owns apartment buildings on the west side of Los Angeles and we allow pets. I cannot imagine telling a person they cannot have their little fur baby.


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Oct 10, 2006
I have always checked with rentals about my doggies even if it says no pets. I have always paid an extra deposit for them but was able to convince the owners to let me have them:P