No Period? Not Preggers? Now what??

  1. Hi ladies. I don't really know where to turn so I wanted to get everyones advice. I stopped bitrth control back around Thanksgiving. (still using protection though lol)I was on bc for about 3 years. And had a normal, regular period up until March came around. It has been a total of two months and I still haven't gotten it. Taken 5 pregnacy tests all from different brands and I am not pregnat. I used to have an eating disorder. I don't know if that had anything to do with it (I have been okay for 2 years). What do all of you think?
  2. Go to the doctor. Sometimes home pregnancy tests don't work.

    I should also note that when I went off the depo, it took six months for my period to come back (the depo supresses your period completely in most women).

    I've also had months where my period just didn't happen and then the next month was fine.

    Make sure you're getting enough iron.

    Go see the doc.
  3. Well I would be 2 months pregnat...but I don't feel any symptoms or anything. Not bloated, morning sickness...nothing. We use condoms all the time. Maybe my body is still adjusting to not having those hormones?
  4. If you're not pregnant, there could be something actually WRONG with you, so really you should talk to your doctor.
  5. You can skip a period for a myriad of reasons, including stress (ironically, often about why you haven't gotten your period), travel, and other disruptions that mess with your hormones. You should call your doctor for sure, but I wouldn't worry about it too much unless it skips another month.
  6. I also just got off the pill back in november being on it for 5+ years. In december, I had a period the same time as normal. Then after that it just went down hill. after 3 months with going without one, I just got mine about a week ago. I was so releaved!! BC stays in your body, for sometime, espically being on it for so long. So, even after months the pill is still in your body so your going to have your period, (and thats what happened to me). it takes a couple of months if not longer for your body to start adjusting again. But, I would def go to the dr. for peace of mind.
  7. see the dr. thats the best way to know for sure what is going on and what is normal or abnormal.
  8. I've never taken the pill for any extended period of time (no more than three months) due to migraines. I've never had regular periods though. I have PCOS. My doctor used to give me something to make my period come if it didn't come for a while.
  9. I once had a period that skipped over a month, and I figured that I was stressed out. But I suggest you give your gynecologist a call and ask her/him about it. Good luck to you my dear! :yes:
  10. your body might still be out of wack from the pill. just go to your gyno and make sure everything is ok
  11. It could also have something to do with your previous eating disorder - are you underweight? If so, that may explain why you are not having a period. Like everyone else said, check with your doctor to be sure. :yes:
  12. Go see your OBGyn. If you're malnourished, that could be it, but I took the depo-provera shots (4 times a year, no period for five years!) and after I went off it, it took a year for me to start having a regular flow again. Not that I wanted it back, but I was afraid I might have trouble getting pregnant if I stayed on it too long. Best of luck!
  13. You should get checked out just because... but after behind on a synthetic hormone for so long your body needs time to adjust and finds its usual rhythm.
  14. Thanks everyone. I'm not malnorished...all my hair has grown back is better. Even when I did have an ED my period would come every month. I am skinny but not 80 pounds like i used to be. I'm about 100 now.
  15. are you stressed?? I skip many periods when I'm stressed out