No Period 6 weeks late. All Test Negative

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  1. So i am 6 weeks late and i have taken 2 home tests and the doctor took one and all said no my body have never gone this long without a period and my doctor told me that if i dnt get my period by March 6 then to come back in go see the gyno and then she said we will scrape you to make you bleed and i have also had a ovarian cyst that recently ruptured in July and was wondering if that would affect a urine test so im going to make a test to get some blood work done in the moring was wondering if anyone could give me some advice.... and i have not been stressed i have been trying to get pregnant for 3 years now so please info ladies...............
  2. Having just gone through a cycle of testing with an infertility specialist as well as having had a cyst in the fall, I'd say the most likely things are either:

    You have another cyst, which could keep you from getting your period and/or keep you from getting pregnant, since the follicle won't release the hormones that you need until it ruptures. That was actually how we found out about my cyst -- I didn't get my period for several months, so did an ultrasound. Did your doctor do an ultrasound? The cyst would not affect a hpt if you are pregnant, if that's what you're wondering. It wouldn't somehow block the hormone.

    You aren't ovulating for some other reason, which could be a number of things (if you are underweight, for example, or have PCOS, or just hormonal imbalances). The bloodwork will hopefully provide some pointers.

    Rather than having them "scrape you", maybe ask about taking prometrium to induce your period.
  3. thanks for the advice this is the first time that i have been late ever.. since i have started getting my period.. Yes the doc did an ultrasound at the end of september and she said everything was normal again so i guess i am waiting it out..
    not on birth control nothing and the month that i did actually try i havent gotten my period she said that its due to stress.
    I dnt no i am going to have a blood test done cuz my sisters friend couldnt get it detected that she was pregnant until she took a blood test
  4. When you said you took a test at the doctor's, that wasn't a blood test?

    And you could have another cyst that formed since September. I have a small one that just came up in the last two weeks.
  5. no i peed in a cup then less than 5 min later she came in and told me that i wasnt prego she started me on prenatal vit and when we tried around my most fertile time my back hurt for about a week a few days later and i can also take naps during the day my body has been off for the past 6 weeks
  6. aapunzel, with my last pregnancy, I got negative tests for the first 6 weeks (even the doctor's office got a negative), and then I got my period (or so I thought) every week for 3 days for a month. I was convinced that I was 1)not pregnant or 2) having some kind of miscarriage. I finally realized I was pregnant when I was 12 weeks along. I don't want to give you false hope, but it is still possible that you are pregnant.
  7. Did you get the blood test? How did it go?

    It's *possible* that you're pregnant, but it's pretty unlikely if you're getting negative tests at this point. If you are six weeks late, that means that you're about 10 weeks pregnant as doctors count it, based on the assumption that your last period was 4 weeks before the missed one. That's about the time that your hCG would peak for the whole pregnancy, so it would definitely be showing up on a pregnancy test if you follow directions. If it's not showing up on a urine test and you are pregnant, I'd worry that the pregnancy may not be continuing properly. I don't mean to be a downer; I'd be thrilled for you if you do turn out to be pregnant, but I think it's not very likely.
  8. thank you so much for your information but i still have not gotten my period and i guess im waiting this one out my breasts really hurt now about 2 days ago so i am kinda guessing that i am going to be getting my period sometime soon i would imagine i did not get the blood test done i did not get up in time to go see the doctor then i have been workin 3 shift to from 7pm to 7 am i guess we will see what happens i will let all of yall know have a great weekend