No PCE yet I feel left out

  1. I know it's random but I have gotten it the last 3 times and dropped over 1k each time. I even got the special perfume. Have you gals on the west coast all got your pce's because in Vegas my mailbox is empty. I was joking with my husband that since I just bought my first LV, Coach would probably find out and never forgive me....and now it looks that way. I could just cry...girls is there any hope left? I know if I call they will let me probably but I hate to do it that way. I guess I just got used to having them and now you all are getting yours and I am not. :crybaby: so sad. Thank you for listening to my sad story.
  2. you could buy one on eBay for $ 80 , lol !

    just kidding! ha ha ha !

    ask your local coach store.
  3. ^ :roflmfao: Oh Cha Cha, that's cruel....

    In all seriousness... go to your store and ask, I think a number of people have had success with that option. I have been converted to Balenciaga, but luckily "they" didn't find out yet...:supacool:
  4. i wrote just kidding & to ask her local coach store!

    I'm just getting a kick out of the pce cards on eBay thread ,i couldn't resist!

    admit it ! it's funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol !
  5. Definitely ASK your SA. I got one last christmas season and told my cousin, but at that time she didnt want any. Well she went a few days later to buy a few bags for our office (to give away to our favorite doctors and nurses), anyways she didnt have a card, but told the SA that her cousin got one and was wondering if she can also get a discount. The SA did give her the discount. So definitely ask.
  6. Walk into Coach store:

    "Hi! I am interested in this bag and this bag and oh, I already have this one bc I love Coach... and you know what's weird, I haven't gotten my invitation to the special customer event yet? Can you maybe check on that, I'm sure I am in your system, thanks!" etc.

    that should work, esp if they have you on file as a big spender. They may not even look you up and might offer it to you on the spot.

    They really just want the sales. They don't lose THAT much profit on 25% off, esp if it increases their average order size ;)
  7. ^^ That is what I am going to do if I don't get one. :yes: I am in Florida and haven't gotten mine yet!!
  8. I've also gotten the last 3 invites. And nothing in my mail box this time. I do feel left out but I'm still getting my discount my SA is the best.
  9. I haven't gotten the actual invitation yet but I did get a phone call earlier today from my SA. Don't fret - you may still get one. I always get mine later than everyone else on the board.
  10. I haven't received anything yet either... :s

    I went in on Sunday to order two keyfobs and had asked my fave SA/manager about the PCE. I told her I hadn't received a call or a card and she said she hadn't made any calls cause she was on vacation but she would make her calls the next day (Monday). I told her I was wondering if I was going to get one this time around and she said she wasn't sure... the lists are corporate-generated. Ok... I was expecting her to tell me to just come in and she'd let me have the discount but she didn't. I do spend quite a bit (for myself and as gifts) and I go in quite often although my boutique is an hour away... I place all of my orders with her and we always chit-chat and such about our daughters and other things...

    I guess I was just expecting more from her... :crybaby:

    Should I still go in and ask if I could receive the discount (if I don't receive anything in the mail tomorrow)? When would it be considered too late to get one in the mail?
  11. YES!!! What do you have to lose. What is the worst thing that can happen she says no.

  12. Me too :crybaby:
  13. I just got my card yesterday, and in December, I didn't get one until almost the end of the week before the sale was supposed to start, so you definitely still may get one. Otherwise, I would definitely pop into a boutique and talk to an SA - I'm sure they'll sccomodate you!
  14. ^ditto. last time, i got my card two days before it was over.
  15. I didn't get one either...I have no idea why b/c I spent a small fortune there the last few months!! I even got the perfume sample as well...BUT I called The store today and am going in tomorrow at 4pm.....WHEW!!!!!:yahoo: