No Pan am bags in Los Angeles ever!!

  1. I talked to a guy today at Marc store and they will never get the Pan Am Bags in... sucks.. Well just stick with the other stores like New York and such... BOOOOO
  2. MJ BOSTON store just got them in

  3. Weird...they are so inconsistent every time I call. I just called yesterday, and the girl I spoke with said they'd be getting the stuff in at the end of June/beginning of July and that I should check back then.
  4. got some in NY store. got one myself last saturday. :yahoo:
  5. that doesn't make much sense that the la store wouldn't be getting the pan am bags. i thought they were one of the bigger stores and the bags are so popular. they're going for more than twice what they originally retail for on eBay!

    the ny store received a third shipment this weekend of the two original colors: white and royal blue, but there's no more of the turquoise colored ones though. could you call the ny or boston store to have them ship the bag to you?
  6. I went to the Boston store today and they had TONS of them. I got myself a blue one!
  7. Can you ladies post pics of yourself wearing the bag? I'd like to get a rough idea of how big it is, and if it can be worn as an every-day shoulder bag. Thanks!
  8. misstania, i think it's more of a weekend bag. definately huge for an everydady bag.

    here's a modeling pic. for reference im 5'3

  9. this is ridiculous! when i was there at the end of may, they said june. now it's none, ever or in july?

    i'm gonna order mine. i can't wait anymore. they might just run out and i'll never get one just from waiting.

    i'm feeling slightly bitter.
  10. Does anyone recommend an SA from either the NY or the Boston MbMJ stores? I want to call and order the Weekender along with some other things, but I don't know which person is a good one to speak with.
  11. they had turquoise ones??? does Boston have this!!!

    i want one!!!
  12. yes.please-

    did you go to the soho store or did you order?
  13. i bought mine at the marc by marc jacobs accessory store in the village... the soho store is the collection store- i don't think they ever had them.
  14. cool-going to call them tomorrow!
  15. Tad, I didnt knwo they made turquoise ones. Does anyone know whree I can get a turquoise one?

    BTW my friend just got a blue pan am at the LA store this past tuesday. Good luck!