No Outlet...but I scored these today anyway!

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  1. So now outlet for at least 6+ hrs from where I live...but today I scored some great deals at I'm sure nearly outlet prices! So excited! Its late for most but I have to share! :yahoo:

  2. And this...

  3. Those are so cute!! I would love ones like these but I'm not a fan of my toes.. lol
    Congrats on your find !
  4. Those are beautiful! :drool:
  5. Oh and this! All at like 60% off! :nuts:

  6. Ooooo may I ask how much? :P
  7. Oh they're adorable!! Those sandals are gorgeous, and I love love the Amanda wristlet, it's beautiful. Congrats!!

    ETA (because of same-time posting): that lurex coin purse is SOOO CUTE! Just, just beautiful. Congrats!!
  8. I got the wristlet for 24.50...and of course I had to have the mini @ 16.00!
  9. Love everything you got! What are the prices? Those sandals are gorgeous!
  10. I love the shoes and am so glad it will be sunny and 70 tomorrow! Headed for a pedicure after class...

  11. I have just been sitting and looking at them!

  12. Thanks everyone! The sandals were the best deal...44.99 and I had a ten dollar gift certificate so my out of pocket was 34.99 after all the discounts!
  13. Awww !! Such great prices, lucky you!
  14. Oh I am in LOVE with those sandals!!!! So cute!

    Awesome deals on all your finds, good job :tup:
  15. Wow! You did awesome, those are very cute!!! Wish we could wear sandals right now... It's just snow snow snow!