No order status found for this order number in the system

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  1. I got this message when I typed in my order number for the pink patent ergo I ordered yesterday.

    "No order status found for this order number in the system"

    Is this normal? I usually don't look it up till I get the e-mail with the info, but since I was calling for tracking on the blue Miranda I asked for the order number on the pink patent bag.
  2. I think it is b/c your order hasn't been processed yet and JAX is waiting for a new shipment. My guess is that your pink patent is probably B/O since they had so many people placing orders and they just got a few coming. The demand is more than the supply for now. Hopefully you won't have to wait too long.
  3. Ahhh but don't you normally get told you are on backorder when they place the order? Although when I got my LE jean patchwork XL hobo in '05 they called me days later to say they had to refund me because they were sold out.

    If I call Coach Customer Service will they be able to tell me if I am on backorder? How long should I wait before calling?
  4. Usually they tell you if an item is on B/O when u place an order. If you call them tonite or tomorrow, they s/b able to tell u if it is on B/O or not. If they have any, it should ship tomorrow or Monday at the latest.
  5. Thanks!
  6. You're very welcome!
  7. Nevermind, I JUST got the dreaded call that it is UNAVAILBLE. So, for those that waited or ordered yesterday it is likely you won't get it.
  8. I got the same message when I checked the status of the black satchel I ordered yesterday. When I called today, they said its in the system as b/o and when they get them in next week, it should ship out. I'm still leary about this whole b/o thing though.
  9. Wow, I was thinking PINK . . . PATENT . . . ERGO . . . in a soft pink that would be really pretty! . . .:sad: sorry, you can't get it . . .
  10. are you serious????? no way!!!! someone just posted they were available....

    i am soooo confused....
  11. That was me. The new one says all the different stages I have had for this bag in the class 24 hours.